Thursday, December 3, 2009

tistram lansdowne

Why join them when you can paint them. I learned my lesson in 4th grade when I was busted for drawing hearts and 'Ziggy' on an arm chair at school. Embarrassed and vowing to, never again decimate public property.
I have instead, quietly enjoyed graffiti from afar, driving past a wall along the 405 I've become an art critic to the taggers.
Artist Tistram Lansdowne, creates beautiful, delicate and gentle watercolors of abandoned buildings and rusted urban detitrus, much of it tagged to the nines.
Beauty on top of beauty.

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desiree said...

I too admire the graffiti from afar. I saw an artist David Choe and there is a graffiti feel to his art. Really beautiful. If you go to his site, I think it's his name .com and look under the "wall" section that's my favorite. Anyway, love your photos!

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