Tuesday, December 8, 2009

..: unique L.A. :..

downtown L.A. , on an unusually gray day
the line was lllooonnngg this year.
Over the past weekend I took the fam. to Unique L.A. and can I tell you, I LOVE this gift show. Imagine etsy, 'live'. It's quirky, it's cool, it's alt.... it's alive with creativity.
The girls with the beautiful Erika Kemp of oshii handknits. If her vibrant energy is knit into each of these pieces, that alone is worth every penny. She was just mentioned on Daily Candy last week too. Great baby gifts here, we bought hats:
My podcast pardner, Joni, said to me the other night that 'handmade and artsy' is so me. She's right. I'm all about it. It makes me giddy with excitement, takes me back to my years at the Art & Design building.
do you love this sofa? I almost want to marry it I love it so much.
moniker's booth. LOVE their tshirts!
This is the 2nd year {and so they can officially call it an 'annual' event } it takes place right before the Holidays, just in time for gift buying.
Hey! round the corner and there was Sharon Montrose. She's the one that does those CRAZY precious photographs of knuckle biting cuteness. Baby animals.
h is for Hannah, is even better in person.
If a Saturday afternoon of letterpress, great t-shirts, beautiful photography, artwork, clothing, DJ spinning tunes and great food is 'so you' you should go next year.
oh, and of course, no Unique L.A. experience is complete without a whacky photo op.
C. wearing her Unique L.A. purchases- a cape and a hat.... thing. She hasn't taken it off yet {yes, even sleeps in it}
Here's who we loved/bought from :
oishii handmade- natural fiber, hand knit, SOFT adorable wearables. Sharon Montrose- the painfully cute photography of baby animals from the super talented photographer.
moniker- the place to meet all your groovy T needs.
H is for Hannah- pearly and simple. lovely contemporary, porcelain pieces.


Jennie Horn said...

i had an affair with that sofa.

beachbungalow8 said...

I've been having *thoughts* about that sofa.


Thank You for sharing. Looks like you had a good time. Pictures are great.

Mrs. Blandings said...

As with last year, I think that should be your holiday card.

And, the sofa is thinking about you, too. I just know it.

Anonymous said...

I love the Eva Franco picture!!

Karena said...

I want first dibs on the sofa, How much is it for sale? Joni probably wants it too!

Cote de Texas said...

those girls are too cute M.
love that sofa too - i might marry it when y'all get divorced!!

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