Amaison Gourmet shop

If you've ever experienced Amsterdam, you know these people have the design thing down. long time. Amaison gourmet food shop's concept was based on the idea of being your grandmother's kitchen, trying things as she cooks it and taking it home.
The Design group concrete used a 'house shaped building' block as the core design element to every aspect of the design in the space.
I'm hungry.
design:: concrete


oh good grief, will you look at those tiles, and that cabinetry!! that is genius. those tiles are an incredible option for anyone considering subway tiles - still look as fabulous but with a really wicked twist.

La Maison Fou said…
What fun Megan,
We have / had a wonderful local gourmet cheese store here; unfortunately they are closing their doors. It was so cute and quaint, a real gem. I will be sad to see it go.
beachbungalow8 said…
you're so right jules, these are a great instead-of tile for those in the subway tile market.

one of the things this town {in which I live} is missing is a good gourmet, artisan wine/cheese and bread shop.
Karena said…
MMMMM, Megan I do have Dean & Deluca right up the street, the Amaison looks great though!

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