bloomingdale's big window challenge...

photo credit:: eddie ross
It's up and running and ready for the voting to begin. Vote once, vote twice, for your favorite window vignette. Using a selection of Bloomingdales furniture line, each designer was challenged to come up with a window of their own creative invention.
Is it Maxwell from AT's "The Writer's Romantic Supper" room?
Eileen Joyce from Bloomingdales' "A sophisticated travel magazine editor" room?
or perhaps Eddie Ross for Elle Decor's "The Modern Woman" room { my personal favorite - but you're on your own. I love splatter paint as a design element}
For those of you not able to stroll by the flagship store, hop over to Apartment Therapy log-in and vote.
Or text message your vote {standard texting rates apply}

Please Send a Text to 89800—Enter Only 1, 2, or 3:

  • 2—Apartment Therapy
  • 3—Bloomingdale's
    Oh and one other thing, if you're lucky enough to be in NYC January 28th, you're invited to attend the BWC celebratory party. 6-8 pm , 5th floor {}. Meet all of the designers in person and check out their innovative hard work. In the end , they're pretty much all winners. Cheers!


Wow, they're all great. I really like the sensitivities of the first, but man that Mr Ross does has a way with colour doesn't he! sensational.

Renae said…
I was so happy to meet Eddie and Jaithan here in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. Great guys and the talent gushes!
Anonymous said…
You are such a sweetheart!! we are going to be in LA the second week of March. Please let's get together for drink! xo
Color and Style said…
They are all great. But my favorite is Eddie Ross. I would love to see him when he comes to Los Angeles

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