the bookbook, protects you from that which blows

Your Macbook can take some serious blows. A slip off the table at the Java Hut, an errant trip over a cord, sending yourself and your precious lap top reeling. Death to the Macbook can come swiftly and without warning.
Twelve south {the genies behind this design} claim the glories of their product are three: to protect from the blows of life, to disguise from computer thieves by turning your precious lap top into what appears to be an antique, leather bound book and finally raising your rad factor, 10 fold by making your lap top look like nobody else's.
That's right, no two are a like. And all for around $80.00
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via josh spear


Karena said…
How cool is this!!? I love it...Mac genius!
this is awesome- love the look of it as well!
I love these!! I always wanted a Mac, but now because of seeing these, I HAVE to have one :) xo
I might have to go out an buy a macbook just to get those awesome covers.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife
Tracy Watier said…
omg. I knew I should have bought a mac. Maybe my stupid hp will "mysteriously" take a tumble. Would that be wrong?
Those are great...super idea for gift giving!!! Thanks!
These are brilliant! Talk about neo-traditional... I just LOVE them. What a find!
XX Kate
WordsandMusic said…
Love this! Wish they had one for the Kindle.
Rashon Carraway said…
what happens if the theif is reading this post and sees my book on the table in the library?

o no....
annie said…
My Gosh ! That is SO cool!!
Sadly I have a big ol' hoo
a lovely being said…
I just have to get this!! I've never seen anything like it.
Susan Dench said…
Wonder if they make this for my Lenovo one day?!

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