color bath

Last week we sat inside and watched as the rain came down in torrents.... five days in a row. The sky was dark, there was thunder {unheard of}, power outages, threats of tornadoes {at the beach...think on that for a moment} high winds tossed bougainvillea up and through the, stuck-open, sky light pasting my floor with wet pink papery petals.
I realize that most of you are in the dead center of 'winter'. And that this is the part when it becomes mind numbingly bleak and begins making even tempered people grouchy and unreasonable. And that my winter, with all of its greenery and blooming flowers and sub par rain fall averages, is almost an obnoxious mockery.
I ran across photographer, Debi Treloar's work over the weekend and thought, with all of its bright warm energy, that these would make for a great little 'welcome to your week' posting.
Here's to being hopeful that spring is 'round the bend.
and if you're needing more, warm-the-cockels-of-your-winter-bound-heart visuals check out: absolutely beautiful things. Anna's posts always make me happy.


Karena said…
Funny Megan I just wrote to you about brightening our cold, dreary, wintry days. I love the color saturated rugs!!
Kifus said…
Hi Megan, lovely photographs! I especially like the first one. I think I seriously could eat those flowers.
Thanks and have a great week!
Anonymous said…
Hi, I really hope your weather improves.. that sounds like one crazy week! Surrounding yourself with colour is a good plan, and burrying your head in a book filled with summery tales could be a good escape?
Gwen Driscoll said…
I forget it's your rainy season right now, so sorry. Love your post because flowers make me so happy. Hope you have a great week and rains move on.
preppyplayer said…
Torrential rain in the Northeast now...
appreciating your post today :)
hi megan

great post for a dreary and storm buildng monday here in chicago.

love your blog and know that i will always receive a creative uplift!

Lisa Porter said…
Thanks Megan. A thoughtful gesture & a great way to start my bloggy morning!
Would love to know what fabric that is on the roman shades in the last photo! Going to peek at Debi's work & do some vestigating.
Have a good one & I love bougainvillea petals scattered about but not wet ones.
xo Lisa
Rock Couture said…
I want that union jack pillow!!
desiree said…
Beautiful. Love that first photo. That makes me want to plant a flowering vine over one of my windows!
I love all of your pictures of the flowers. They are breathtaking. I too am looking forward to Spring. Today it will get up to sixty degrees in my part of Texas. My dogs are basking in the sun soaking up the vitamin D!
beachbungalow8 said…
we have sunshine! good ole' so cal. Never fails in that dept. It's been sunny and bright for 3 days straight.

Lisa, I too would love to know who makes that fabric! it's great. If anyone out there knows, let us know.

I think our weather has moved west to the rest of you. hang in there!
Chic Coles said…
The first photograph reminds me of Nantucket in the summer, when the flowers are in full bloom and all around the houses. I hope you have some sunshine coming your way soon!
mary said…
Thanks--definitely needed that!! Have a great week.
a lovely being said…
thank you for posting such cheery photos.. I haven't seen the sun in days! I guess that's what you get when you live in an area that is infamous for its grey, lake-effect skies.
Gorgeous images - i'm loving the pink inlay table, the yellow candle sticks and yes those blinds!! I have seen that room in a magazine i have here, i'm sure of it. If i ever unearth it, i'll check it out for info. From memory the whole home is insanely gorgeous.

Hope weather is brightening up!

oh, and thanks Megan for adding me to your blog roll, really chuffed!!

Gosh Megan, these are lovely. I am drooling over that last room. All of this dreary weather, I would love to have some happy candy colors! :)
red ticking said…
this is so pretty... and anna always makes me smile as well... sweet of you ... xx pam
Dorm Bedding said…
WOW! Such a awesome and eye catchy blog specially i like that decorative pillow. Thanks for sharing.

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