down came the rain

photo source:: cherry blossom girl
lights out, nobody home. Or at least that was this old blog's situation, yesterday. For 12 hours we were without power, here, in the beach cities. It was sort of frustrating. I could use my iphone to check email but blogging on my iphone? not there yet. Not to mention I was running very low on power.
With no electricity, no kids at home, no urgent phone calls to return, I walked through my quiet house, lighting a few candles, adjusting a wonky picture frame here and there and finally sitting with a stack of magazines. ..........................................................................
Vogue did a great spread on Charles and Oly Thompson's Brooklyn brownstone. the Thompson family sans new born son
Farrow & Ball wallpaper
Oly, a Muscovite textile designer and former dancer and her husband, a photographer have transformed this antique building into an eclectic mix of White Russian salon, meets cool, modern family home.
18th-century Sicilian sofas and bergères. The slipper chairs are upholstered in antique kilims, the cane-back armchairs in Le Manach fabrics.
Using found items from Moscow flea markets, Russian art modern and old and a love and deep knowledge for textiles the Thompson's have pulled together a layered deeply textural look that's anything but predictable.
The layers of detail, Russian influence and art collection completely pulled me in. There are so many photos of perfectly appointed , untouchable spaces in the world that are pretty dreamy, but certainly not child friendly.
While there's certainly a level of culture and sophistication, some of the rooms look as though giant balloons filled with fat colorful confetti just, moments before, bursted into a million pieces.
art: Summer Bubbles (2008), by Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubossarsky.
Each room, oozes with creativity and a bon vivant, laid back 'cool'. An obvious reflection on this family's take on life. multipanel mural painting, Windy, is by Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubossarsky, 2004
vintage-linen bed covers and Le Manach headboards
Interiors, Photographed by François Halard for Vogue Read more about the Thompson family here


What an amazing, so beautifully put together! their use of colour is just so natural, and their furnishings have managed to pull off the eclectic collection of a family without it looking just wrong.

Love seeing a magnificant space that is truly a home. Thanks for posting it!

Mrs. Blandings said…
All that patterned upholstery would hide the popsicle stains pretty well. Glad you are back up and running.
I too live in MB (By Live Oak Park) and had no problem with power. However, our power went out as soon as it turned midnight on New Years! LOL! It was like Y2K was ten years late! Get ready for the next big storm tomorrow.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife
Misty said…
I like the way they show the children making a mess....
Karena said…
Beautiful images Megan! It is raining in Kansas City right now!
Gwen Driscoll said…
Hope your power is back up and running. I'm always amazed how much we rely on the modern conveniences. Beautiful images though. You made good use of your time. Sometimes the quiet is inspiring and renewing. Hope you are well.
mary said…
I am enthralled. Such creativity and life. Those little girls are adorable. So glad the lights went out.
Mary said…
My daughter phoned as she was "hunkerin' down" during the tornado warnings....quite an amazing day. We'll have it by the weekend. Stay dry.
Anonymous said…
i looooove the thompsons home.. and those little matching outfits are so cute too! xo.
Mélanie said…
Love the spirit of their house ! And love the eact that they use Lemanach fabrics

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