Wednesday, January 20, 2010

how ever you slice it, it's good

photo credit:: courtney barnes- stylecourt
Last week, while reading Stylecourt's post on Thai marbled papers, and how she was spotting them everywhere {above, used on the back of cabinet -an awesome idea} I felt like I was having one of those moments you have, when you've learned a new word and then it seems to appear everywhere.
I had been ogling, since last spring, dyed sliced agate necklaces. And everywhere I turned there was another. I mentioned this to Courtney, and we emailed back and forth a bit- she was thinking the same thing- that these beautiful, hand marbled papers resembled the {seemingly} ubiquitous necklace.
Because I've had them on my mind, and so many of you have emailed me, {stopped me while out and about}, about the Anthro necklace that I posted on last summer, I thought you'd enjoy seeing this little collection of dyed agate sliced necklaces.
They're big, they're bold, they're swirly and slightly O'keefian - and lucky for us they come in a range of prices.
This number by Gucci may have been the first eye spy for me. The color, of course is perfectly beachy and I love the gold findings used. These are, of course, yellow gold. Fit for a mermaid. Price upon request, which sort of means, 'if you need to ask, this isn't for you.'
The Stephen Dweck piece is pretty great too. I little 'safer' with it's natural color palette. Wait, who are we trying to kid, this thing is not for the timid dresser. And, it's on sale at Bergdorf's for $898.00 !! down from $1,795.00 It's gorgeous.
But then I was at my friend's shop, Tabula Rasa, and happened to look down into her jewelery case to spy this- Eco friendly jewelery by Laura Elizabeth. I actually might love this the most. It has the wow factor with the crazy color. It's simple , making it easier to wear with so many different looks. And the price is so right- starting at $260.00
If you're interested in the Laura Elizabeth necklaces, give Maureen @ Tabula Rasa
a call and tell her I sent you.


Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

These are so favorites are the blue and purple.

Style (R)evolution said...

That necklace is so beautiful!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Just gorgeous - i have a necklace with sliced agate and love it, but those papers!!!

I'm seeing it used behind a clear glass splash back in a white kitchen.



I place agate slices with in the stones of my back patio. Their color faded with the sun.

I bought an agate wind chime to remind me that what I really want is an agate chandelier!

jodi french paper arts said...

Great post! and Oooh La La an agate chandelier would be amazing.

Love your blog!

Style Court said...

Beautiful options!

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