Sunday, January 3, 2010

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation.

For me, coming back from New York, is not easy. Besides the 'time' thing - the internal clock being all jacked up and what not, it's a sort of decompression that takes time -lest I get the stimulus bends. My regular environment, the one I've grown accustom to, is that of crashing waves, slow moving folks {who don't seem to work} casually waving with one hand, as they saunter by my house, and the other gripping a surfboard. Coming back to this "vacation as life" world in which I live, requires, steady, breathes as I ease back to the surface.
Aren't you glad that I'm not going to start this post by using, as comparison, an image like this>>
honestly, I was more like this until noon most days {what. I was on West Coast time. In a hotel room. With no children}:
Or maybe I'd give it a more modern {yet no less overused, reference} and suddenly I'm....
But to be truthful, It was more like this:
Totally uncool, trying to scurry across the park on a retail mission and the next thing you know, I'm being pulled into a street performance {that's me, biting my lip, trying to figure out how to ease my way out of the debacle- oh and freezing my *ss off, as I hadn't broken out the winter gear quite yet}
and the next..... I'm eating lunch at this corner spot in Soho. While 2/3 of you are are fighting seasonal affective disorder, for us, 'winter' is a magical thing.
Food. Big part of our trip. If you're going to over indulge, go big.
eat 'till it hurts. Wear elastic waist bands if you must.
We ate our Italian in soho...not here:
Didn't go here. But wondering what Mexican food tastes like outside of L.A. I hear NYC has some of the best. Better than L.A.?
and there was shopping. and lots of window shopping {A Bergdorf's window below, fabulous as always}
and per use. the stalking of well dressed women over the age of 80
This little, Super Model minx, stood outside of Bergdorf's, with her care giver, ordering everyone with children to 'Stop and make them look at the windows. Then photograph them in front of their favorite'
Can't wait to be 80.
There was also art.
Art on walls... inside....
and out.
And great views of House Beautiful headquarters,
which I realized on day 3 while brushing my teeth as I blindly stared out my hotel window- at noon} How was Times Square on New Year's you ask?
wouldn't know.
We were asleep by 8:00 p.m.
Hope your holiday week was as exhausting as mine. Welcome back!


Jennie Horn said...

No one I knew ever considered themselves a Carrie or a Miranda. In fact, there are so many pockets of NYC you could live a thousand different lives there and never relate to a NY character in a show or movie, except when you're on the subway and suddenly relate to everyone in the whole world. Even when I go back I discover underground clubs or restaurants that have been there for decades that I never knew existed.

You should take it as a compliment that you were pulled into a street performance, because New Yorkers are too hardened to stop and look, much less make eye contact.

BonjourBruxelles said...

Sounds like you had a dream of a time. Sho wished I coulda met up time, right?


Mrs. Blandings said...

We need a pied a terre.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Looks like you had a great time! That picture of you with the street performers is priceless.

Next time we must met up!

Linda Merrill said...

Glad you took the time to relax while on vacay! Sleeping late in hotels is the best!

Leigh Chandler said...

Welcome back! I love Lucky Strike, it's a few doors down from my cousins place and it has been his hangout for years! Would have loved being in NYC for the holidays, one of these days...

Alberta said...

Wonderful photos! I visited NYC for the first time this past summer, and your pictures make me want to return at Christmas.

M.Lane said...

Sounds like a great trip! But it is always better to be back home.


red ticking said...

what a fun post... and the food in nyc is crazy... i just eat eat eat... thank goodness we must walk while in the city... happy new year! x pam

Renae said...

There's no place like home....but it's fun to get away too. I haven't been to NY in years...would like a visit, maybe not over a holiday though!

Splendid Willow said...

How fun! I LOOOOVE NY! You crack me up with all your funny comments and your first Street Performance Gig. (Oh come on - you were a little proud!!) Welcome back! OX Monika

beachbungalow8 said...

Mrs. B- totally.

BB- dammit. I wish you were with us. At least one of the nights.

I forgot to add, Highline park is spectacular. Even in the winter.

beachbungalow8 said...

oh and Miss High Heel....yes!! next time fo sho.

Thank You For Asking said...

Wonderful photos! You really captured New York. What a great time to visit!

Richie Designs said...

gawd I love that city!

just one year or maybe 4-5 months I would like to live there.

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

This is my first time visiting your wonderful blog. This post makes me long for one day to walk around the city again. Growing up on L.I. "The City" was always within reach. I could hop on the LIRR any day of the week for my fix. Living in FLorida for the past several years makes it a little harder to get that fix. Thanks for the mini fix!
Have a great day!

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