it's about the bones

Completely weird decor in the house. But if you can get past the over use of the Union Jack flag, the weird 'pasted on'detailing, life size crucifixes, plug in chandeliers, random placed knick-knacks....this house has some serious bones.
the beginning of what seems to be an obsession with the Union Jack flag
There's just a lot of really whacked crap in this place, but these shots are from a film location site. I don't think anyone actually lives with all of this {on the other hand I could be totally wrong}
wide floor boards. thumbs up.
more stuff to ixnay
great drapes though
the light in this room is spectacular
more flags.
** while writing this post late last night I forgot to give credit, where credit is due. These shots are from UK based, shoot factory which is a location company. As for the Vivienne Westwood, Aubusson Union Jack, rug {which I absolutely love, btw} it can be found here.


Anonymous said…
I'd buy it. Where is it? They are trying something with this decor. But what?

I saw that rug in a magazine somewhere the other day, can't remember where - perhaps Living etc, but not sure. It is by Vivienne Westwood and looked really great. Would love to see it in the flesh to see how they got all that tonal stuff to work in a rug! Agree though, i think there's more than a few too many tricked up ideas thrown in here.

But those windows and the stair case are fantastic!

nice and... not! Loving those floor boards though! besides that I would be a bit scared to live there with all these overwhelming religious statements! The house though is beautiful!
Crack me up- the flags were a bit much but honestly the space wasn't as bad as I had imagined. You're right though- great bones!!
Susan Jones said…
Happy Birthday Megan!
Susan Jones
mary said…
Hi Megan, Where is this house located? The "bones" are amazing as are some of the antique furnishings. The quality of the light is stunning. I could definitely live here.
Renae Moore said…'re right, some crazy stuff, BUT some good too. Great 'bones' are helpful for any decorator!
Love the 'big girl'!
Charlotta Ward said…
Hi Megan - yes really stunning structure, and though I agree with you on the ornamental aspects I feel that some of it would have worked if combined differently. I love the large windows, the floorboards, fireplaces and staircase.. Sigh..

Anonymous said…
There are some taste level issues for sure. I do like the white floors & stripped baseboards.
desiree said…
You are so right about the bones and this place has them. I would definitely lose the large ornate cross and the painting/art over the fireplace.
beachbungalow8 said…
Jill, I think this house is empty because it's used as a film location.

I agree, some of the pieces, individually, are pretty cool. I don't love the crosses everywhere {my personal 'bug'- too morbid}

I actually love the union jack flag trend and that rug (have loved it for a few years), but this was almost comical. Like a 'Where's Waldo' in everyroom!

and 'big girl drapes' made me laugh! they're are so 'big girl'
i am pam said…
i like the floors. i love the rustic-ness of them but with the white it becomes polished. house is beautiful with great bones!
Blue Muse said…
I have been in mad love with this house for so long. Purr. It was in my jack is back post. Lovely bones, indeed!

... and I hear birthday wishes are in order!
xo Isa
soodie :: said…
i love the struture too. details on the stairway, indoor shutters, and everything white.

that big cross by the stairway scares me though -- something from a horror movie.
cotedetexas said…
amazing - that back yard reminds me of brooke's new landscaping. i love that with the shutters.
Anonymous said…
Great bones, not great design even for a film production.
Absolutly good bones...I'd live here. I have never seen stickers used for molding details, so very weird! I do like the the Union Jack rug, the rest can go. Your Where's Waldo? comment made me lol!!! Thanks for the tour.
Amanda said…
love it. What a gorgeous house. And the floors rock. I'd be scared to death to paint real wood floors, but they look fabulous!
Gwen Driscoll said…

OMG. This place is amazing. So my kind of architecture! I love the painted floors. So beautiful and simple. Wish I could live with floors like that in my world. Kids, dogs, no can do!
Anonymous said…
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Splendid Willow said…
Megan, I love image 8 with the 2 comfy white chairs by the window and the famous flag. (I have seen the pic before but did not know it was Westwood - so Thank You!). I think the space is amazing and I am all for mixing different styles as long as they work in harmony. Crosses are not my thing either. But the older I get, the more personality I want. Staged homes are pure boring to me! This is a fun home (or set). And look at all that light!

Happy week! OX Monika
Crazy Agnus said…
I agree that the decor could have a bit of major redo!!! But I LOVE that fireplace and the moldings...fabulous! Can I jump in the picture and just get to work on it yet?!?!


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