stylin' with elodie rambaud

Come rest your weary eyes, It's been a long week. Or maybe you're like me, and just want a purpose to your procrastination. Whichever, here ya go - some hot, french, interior porn, from French stylist Elodie Rambaud's website.


lovely, i want to be in that bed - now!

The bed and the last image look really familiar to me, i think that it's an aussie home (not just because of the aussie bus roll on the wall!) - think i've seen it in one of our glossies somewhere along the way. Will have to go exploring elodie and find out.

Thanks - lovely!

splendid market said…
Fabulous! You labeled it just right - it was just the fix I needed!
preppyplayer said…
Thanks for the 'morning delight!"
Abby said…
You're right, these are as good as porn to me :)
Style Court said…
Megan, the image with the

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