Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Green Lunch Box!

Did you know that, on average, every child who brings their lunch to school creates and estimated 67 pounds of lunch packaging trash a year? yuck. It makes me want to lose my own lunch a little, thinking of all of those little zip lock baggies and juice boxes being tossed into a landfill 'till the end of time.
Or maybe you too watched "Food Inc" or "Super Size Me", and swore if you could do one thing a day for your child's health, it would be to nourish them.... with actual food.
Go Green Lunch Box are a product developed by an eco conscience, mother of 2 with a great eye for style. Locally, these lunch boxes are seen on just about every kid going to and from school. They've become a total must have, hit in Manhattan Beach.


Karena said...

Megan, I love the turquoise and green floral design and the polka dots! Chicken salad, whole wheat crackers, Fruit cups, yogurt!

mary said...

This is an amazing lunch "system"....for all of the years that I sent lunches to school for three children, I hated wasting all of those baggies--every morning I thought about how I was contributing to pollution and landfills (at that time, I think I was probably the only green-thinking mother around). Unfortunately, the school lunches were so packed with fats and sugars and chemicals that I could not simply let my children eat at school. This is truly a fantastic idea--and only one lid to remember to bring home!!!

megan said...

would love to get one of these for all my nieces and nephews! Here's one of my favorite go-to lunches:
Red/orange/yellow pepper slices with hummus. Tortilla or naan role with turkey, cranberry sauce and mayo. Ginger cookies and whatever fruit is the best in season!

JC said...

Try some mini whole wheat bagels with light cream cheese with a little sundired tomato or maybe apricots chopped fine.
I'll take the camo lunch box for my sister who is a fire and police dispatcher and works 12 hour shifts!! It would hold everything she needs for two meals a day. What a great product and great giveaway. Thanks

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I always try to use reusable containers and only use baggies when absolutely necessary. We haven't even begun to go through one box since school started. So this lunchbox is pretty cool!

Little's favorite school lunch is sprinkle noodles. Begins with leftover pasta (any kind will do) really quickly in the morning I warm up some olive oil on the stove toss in a little garlic, salt, pepper and italian seasoning. I toss the noodles in the oil & herbs to warm them and top with a little freshly grated parm and off it goes into a thermos.

Casabella said...

I love the colors on the lunch box but mostly I get a kick of thinking how many zip lock bags won't be tossed into our landfills. Every kid should have one of these. Whoever thought of this is a genius. (Now, why wasn't that me?) Thanks for posting this. I have sent the link to a few green mommies I know.

sarah said...

I love this lunch system for my hubbie who is no where near a food stop (especially the healthy ones)! Houndstooth definitely! I use pitas or whole wheat tortillas to wrap stuff for lunches. On handmade baggie to hold it all!

beachbungalow8 said...

wow!I'm getting such a great response!
ok, first of all, I didn't even consider to include all of you eco and health conscience, adults~!
which brings me to another reason that I insist on packing a lunch for my kids....did you watch Food Inc? shiver. disGUSTING.

So yes, thank you to all of you adults who have emailed me and who are doing good to their bodies while helping out our sweet mother earth.

Kelly said...

These are brilliant! Love them. Unfortunately, I am no help with the creative lunch ideas. I have an extremely picky 2nd grader...really, I couldn't ply her with a single one of the above suggestions from the other commenters. Perhaps with a fresh green lunch box, we could turn a new corner? She would love the Daisy/floral design.

Stacy said...

I love making pita pocket lunches! Much easier to assemble than sandwiches and a lot more interesting to eat as well. A slice of provolone cheese, deli ham - toasted then add a few lettuce leaves. Yum!

This lunch box is so cute!

Julia E said...

Oooh, love it! My favorite things to pack for my son are Organic Kefir (like yogurt) in a squeezable package, turkey sandwich with herbed cream cheese in a pita, some berries, carrots, a little tiny cookie, and his gummy vitamin!

Zelengrad said...

I just wanted to say nice blog! I’ve enjoyed reading here.

Cyn said...

This is wonderful, I must share this link with my husband who is a green architect. Would love to win this for my 4 year old son!

My latest lunch ideas are:
grapes and cheese on skewers
apple butter/cream cheese sandwiches on homemade banana bread
fruit smoothies in a thermos

Enjoy and thanks, Megan

Yolanda said...

Exciting give-away. It's an absolutely terrific system.

Paula said...

love this project ~ it's exactly the kind of thing that fits in with our Creative Reuse Project here in Trinity. Good work helping keep stuff out of our landfills and finding great alternatives!

Amy B. said...

My favorite packed lunch is a ploughman's lunch, and it's so easy.

A hunk of bread, a hunk of cheese, cold meats (leftovers or lunch meats), apple slices, and a few fresh, raw greens.

Heather said...

Love this! And our favorites in lunches include:
- ants on a log (celery or apply slices with peanut butter and dried raisins, blueberries or cranberries lined up on it)
- slices of muenster melted on pasta and
- sushi salad (sushi rice, mirin, chopped veggies and fish)

rObrak said...

So cute! It's like a briefcase full of healthy foods inside. Yummy! I want that! hehe...Oh, I found another cool lunch pack container. It is a stainless steel container at Happy Tiffin site. The style and the design is totally incredible. You can store liquids in it like juices, soups, curry, etc. It has a separate plates that you can store different snacks without having to mix it in one single container. In addition, it has an easy stack and re-pack, spill proof, and watertight. =)

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