My mother left me a voice mail this morning, 'it's your mom and I'm concerned because you haven't updated your blog all week. please call ' { it's nice to know that some of my original readers are still so loyal } I've been at West Week for the past 2 days. Thus the lack of posting. i sort of didn't feel the need to blog because, it felt like I had opened bloglovin' and fallen into it.
Several other bloggers were in town, lots of designers, parties and lectures. I was living La Bloga Loca, no need to write it.
Margaret Russell and Monelle {William Sonoma Home} at the WSH book signing party.
o.k. down to business and a brief, WestWeek re-cap {in no particular order}
From the Elle Decor lecture: Margaret Russell is everything you figured she'd be, but even tinier, prettier and... funny {did you know that she'd be funny?} She's kind of amazing. And rocks the cocktail dress like nobody.
Our girl Patricia {aka mrs. blandings} was of course lovely, poised and eloquent as she participated on the Elle Decor panel. I think they shot video and it should be up at some point, I'm guessing, on the website.
Here's a golden nugget: If you're a designer, and you want Elle Decor to look at your work. Guess what, you don't need a front man. You just shoot your images over to Margaret herself. It's that easy. {I remember Stephen Drucker telling us that on SRT, and it was great to hear Margaret reiterate.}
Vincent Wolfe is witty - again, had heard this but seeing his wit in action was great- very droll. And he's claims to be completely computer handicapped- and doesn't seem to care. His assistant writes his blog as he dictates to her via 'SCAPE' {that would be 'skype'}
More advice from Margaret: If you have your own website lose the 'skip intro' page. If you're giving someone the option, they're going to skip it. keep your site simple and the photos of high quality.
Elle Decor finally has a great website. It actually looks like it's part of the magazine. Remember how domino's website felt connected to the magazine? Elle Decor has finally figured this all out. Check it out, there are some really cool new features including a place to upload your work- for free.
the PDC needs more signage. That place is insanely hard to navigate. no matter how many times I'm there, I start to feel like I'm in some kind of a corn maze.
and speaking of food product, eating at the PDC takes some kind of laborious effort. Seriously, better signage would help those of us who have enough trouble navigating the joint with out the addition of low blood sugar confusion.
and in case you're wondering, John Robshaw is even hotter in person. Whenever he walked by, it was like a slow motion movie with dappled sun streaming behind him as he slowly lifted his mirrored aviators and raked a hand through his hair. {or at least that's what it felt like to me- standing to the side, holding my books wearing braces and head gear}
and more thoughts:
I'm too old for 2 late nights in a row. must go to sleep at 7 pm tonight.
And finally this came to a friend and me, while waiting for a lecture to begin and examining my own $23.00 shoes: If you don't own red soled shoes, a good DIY project would be to paint them with red nailpolish - and then blog about it. thanks for checking in today as I realize I haven't be around much this week.


Style Court said…

Appreciate the recap. I knew Patricia would be great and I couldn't agree more about Margaret in person. It sounds like I'm fawning but she really is funny, super-smart, and yes absolutely rocks the sleeveless dress.
beachbungalow8 said…
I know, you just knew she would right? no surprise.

I totally could go on about how cool Margaret Russell is. Hearing her speak was great. Her rapport with her panel was so casual, that you really got a feel for who she is.

plus she had these killer shoes on.
Linda Merrill said…
Still jealous of all of you!!! And yes, MR is fabulous, just look up the word in the dictionary.

And John Robshaw is my new crush - and not just for his products.

Red soled shoes, huh. Wonder how they'd look on a pair 'o Birkenstocks. haha
i love that your mom was checking on you :) it took me a year to get my mom to check my blog... and it was only after i called her out for following her pastor's blog (and not mine) that she finally started checking it! welcome back :)
Ashley said…
I've been loving your blog - I've featured you in my latest post - Favorite images from my favorite blogs
Tracy Watier said…
Sounds fun, Megan! (except for the low blood sugar and the omg it's John Robshaw moments... I would so embarrass myself over him) Wish I'd had the guts and the time to go. Though I suppose if I had the guts, I'd have made the time. Hmmm.
awww. i so wish i wasnt working and i would have popped on over report back on more it!
Great recap, and so glad you're mum will be resting easier now you've posted.

The description of JB had me in stitches - i bet you had a mono brow that day too.
a lovely being said…
I would love to meet Patricia in person! She seems like such a sweetheart.
I hope someone tries your DIY suggestion! I'd love to know how it goes. I would try doing it myself, but I have this nightmare that I would go somewhere with white or beige carpet and the red nailpolish on my soles would rub off. Crazy, right?
Can't wait to check out Elle Decor's site!
XO fallon
Brittany Stiles said…
Thanks for the recap sista! I couldn't make it up to LA this week, so thanks for the highlights. And I'm so with you on the food and signage thing. Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Blandings said…
You are the best of the best - I could not have asked for a better tour guide. X2 on the Robshaw thing.
Love the recap, and you're no slough in the humor department yourself!
Unknown said…
I'm LMAO at your description of John Robshaw! Too funny
Love the recaps today of all the LA get togethers. Dig all the shoes as well.
Anonymous said…
Wish I knew what PDC was.

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