peace out

A spring gathering, originally uploaded by IrenaS.
I think I may head to Palm Springs this weekend. Bask in the dry heat. Drift, Benjamin-like in a cool pool of chlorine. Plans?


DolceDreams said…
Stunning photo! Enjoy your weekend,
Unknown said…
Oh so pretty! Have a lovely trip, it is so humid here in the Southeast, dry heat sounds wooondderful!
a lovely being said…
Palm Springs sounds wonderful. I think I might hang low and try to get some work done until the boy gets here on sunday :)
Have a great weekend!
XO fallon
Paula Masterman said…
Goddess Sisters are gathering at my house on Sunday to learn about the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers ~ our present day Goddesses.

Love the photo, especially since we're still having fires in the woodstove to keep warm. Thanks for the breath of fresh warm spring!
Turning out the lights @ 8:30pm tomorrow night for EARTH HOUR...
we always have wine and onion soup and play cards to candle light during... it is so much fun...
Have a great weekend
sleep, sleep and then perhaps sleep. not much chance of it happening though.

hope PS treats you well! x
red ticking said…
i love this image... and i hope you are basking in the warm sunshine. xx
katiedid said…
It was so great meeting you Megan! I will always have a place in my heart now for tacos and tequila! SO much fun! Thanks for hanging with me!
I am jealous of your sun! We are in the rain in Oregon looking for somewhere we can hike with the dogs. Wet dogs...ah, what a life!
Mabel and Zora said…
We love the Viceroy in Palm Springs. We try to go once a year. So relaxing.
One word for you...jealous!! Our family had a fun spring break, a week in Chicago hitting up all the museums, including the new wing at the Art Museum, a must stop for everyone! Hope you enjoy your get away!!

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