Monday, March 8, 2010

This Week on the Skirted Round Table:: Jealousy and blogging

Recently a post by Loralee Choate ran on Blogher about jealousy in the blog world. It got us thinking about our own experiences as the source of jealousy and the victim of such emotions. Joni, Linda and I sit down for our weekly chat on the subject. Grab your favorite beverage and come on over for a listen. If only we could take live, call -ins. The Skirted Round Table.


tartanscot said...

greatly enjoyed the conversation - and LOVE the image you used. lol.

Windlost said...

Hi Megan, I enjoyed this SR as I have each and every one! I usually write Joni a note saying thank you, but decided to write YOU instead. You know, it was funny to hear that whole conversation about which blogs are IT and which ones aren't and why and all of that. It is such a nebluous thing, but honestly, it comes down to several things, doesn't it? I think blogs with great eye candy and owners who spend lots of money don't hurt, you know, the constant decorators. We get hooked on them. And I love funny people, as long as they are talented of course and show me lots of gorgeous rooms! I am not a real DIY-er so those always turn me off.

But I also wanted to note that I tend to read blogs by people who seem familiar to me, people like me. For example, when I first came across your blog a long time ago (I've been doing this 4 years, and yes, I am not famous yet), I remember thinking "she is so cool". I remember thinking that a cool, California babe who has her shit together is totally NOT the kind of blog I want to read - I just could not compete with your coolness, with California, with that scene. I liked you very much, but stopped reading because honestly, I could not relate entirely to your situation. Now that doesn't mean I haven't branched out since then. I follow a ton of different people now, but more often than not, I either see something of me in them, or something I can achieve, and the fantasy blogs (like Holly's gorgeous Atlanta houses blogs that are out of my league)....well, that is the person I WANT to be, so I can follow those too. So sometimes it is a very weird or subtle reason why you don't follow someone, and honestly sister, I didn't follow you because you were too cool for school. haha! You were totally the cooll girl who would not have been friends with me! Isn't that wild? Now I listen to you on SR and I think you are very witty and wise and have a sensibility I can totally relate to, so I sold you short and wanted to say - it has been nice getting to know you on the SR. You are still cool, but now I feel like I know you a little and you are just a real person like me, doing your best!

Keep it up. I love the SR and have a LOT of catching up to do on your blog haha! All those lost years...

xo Terri

Linda Merrill said...

Heathers? Great pic choice!

Paul Anater said...

THAT is the perfect photograph. Listening to you three is my activity tonight. Turn off the TV, the Skirted Roundtable's on!

beachbungalow8 said...

I've never looked at Ajax OR glass coffee tables the same since...

I wrote Teri back, but I'll say it here, thank you so much for your honest comment. It's so funny how others perceive us vs. how we perceive ourselves. And in the end, you're absolutely right, we're all pretty much the same and would probably find each other to be great to be seated next to at a dinner party.

So, thank you! And thanks for listening in to SRT

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