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I'm so excited. Today, I received an email from one of my favorite, L.A. based stationary artists, Jennifer Parsons of Tiny Pine Press. Jennifer, who has contributed to many a Blog Out Loud swag bag, was chosen as The Official Bachelor wedding invite for tonight's nuptials.
Even if you're not a watcher of the show { please, it's some seriously good/mindless t.v. } you have to admit, this is a major win for a majorly talented etsy artist. Way to go Jennifer! And way to go Molly, for having such great taste.
Check out Tiny Pine Press on Etsy or at the website *here*


ooh, lovely stationary, me like! really love the play date cards, how sweet.

so which batchelor are we talking about - we're a bit behind here in OZ, and yes, i am woman enough to admit that it's probably the only reality show i watch, hate to miss an episode even.

We've just finished the guy that didn't pick anyone, and we've also had the chick that picked Ed (yum, yum).
Didn't take in the show, but this stationary is so fun!
Rebecca Corvese said…
Hi Megan,

I love these original stationery pieces. I found my interior design business cards on etsy as well. There are so many talented people out there and Molly chose incredibly well!

Have a wonderful day!

Hope Chella said…
Adorable :)

beachbungalow8 said…
jules, you're like 4 bachelors behind! I can't even remember what that guy looked like. Isn't it the most toe curling, cringe inducing show?

I mean, honestly, who would put themselves on that show?? what mother, sister or friend doesn't sit those women down and say, 'seriously, are you for real?'

but thank god they didn't because it means hours of great reality t.v.

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