Fair Trade on ebay

I just read about ebay's new {or at least "new" to me} World of Good, program. All items on these pages fall under the World Fair Trade Organization guidelines, which means, that all of the products are traced back to sources that have standardized labor and social policies. But here's the thing, we're not talking macrame, ear cones and incense {although I'm sure you could find that too} check out some of the awesome finds, like these:
And great prices too. Who needs to pay $150.00 on a Handmade Ceramic Garden Stool when you can get this great one for $78.00.
source & more info over at:: shelter pop


Mabel and Zora said…
Sounds like a great program. We'll check it out.
Those are really beautiful and I too had no idea this existed on ebay, if ebay wasn't bad enough on my pocketbook!

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