Lee Stanton:: L.A.'s leading Antiquarian pays us a visit on The Skirted Round Table

Please join us as Lee sits with us on SRT
Back when I lived in San Francisco, often, from various sources synonymous with great style, I would hear tips along the lines of , "You know 'Lee',right? the guy who sells European antiques with the warehouse down South, in San Juan Capistrano?" "you don't know of him? Oh, if you can.... find out when he's got a new shipment coming, then you MUST get down there. The fur flies, when that new crate comes in but his finds are the best and his prices very fair"
During those days, I never did get down there, the whole thing sounded a bit daunting and intimidating. I mean, really. I could just picture myself with a newly acquired French Trumeau mirror, hanging out of my saab convertible as I buzzed back up the coast. And in those days, I was busy having babies and redoing an old Queen Anne, DIY style, "Real" Antiques were fairly low on my to-do list.
But the name continued to come up as I migrated South. Only this time around, it was "Lee Stanton and his gorgeous show room on La Cienega". As Stanton's outposts and reputation grew, his ego, refreshingly, did not. His unerring eye collecting a vast and ever changing stock, his willingness to share and generously educate along with his gentle demeanor, has made Stanton a favorite among major collectors, designers and just plain old "regular" folk, who happen to have a discriminating eye and a love of Fine European antiques.
Lee sits with us, this week, and talks of antiques, design and the upcoming design event, Legends of La Cienega, of which he is a founder.
The Lee Stanton warehouse, still functions and is open to the public, by appointment {just to be safe} For more information please see his website or pop by his showroom M-F 10-5
769 N. La Cienega Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90069 Telephone: (310) 855-9800
If you'd like to know more about Legends of La Cienega events, please visit the website here.
photo credit:: John Granen


red ticking said…
lee is sooo nice and he is brilliant. so is my friend john granen who took this amazing photo!
Lauren said…
can't wait to listen when i can!! love this story.
Grant K. Gibson said…
Oh I can't wait to listen! I have been a fan of his work and furniture for many years.

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