Friday, April 9, 2010

peace out

off to Montecito this weekend to celebrate our dear friends' baby-to-be. hope you have big plans or no plans at all, but that those plans involve some laughing and some moments of sweet silence.
xoxo *m
afterthought:: is anyone thinking 'poached perch' when they see this photo? or maybe 'rest in peace' being a better title to this post? : ) happy friday....Y'ALL


La Maison Fou said...

I thought that was fish from the side bar pic! Wow floating aquarium to go!
Have a good weekend,

shari @ little blue deer said...

Awww, fish in a jar! On a tree! Have fun!

Pink Frenchie said...

That is a lovely photo! So glad I found your blog!

mary said...

Beautiful photo--but I do hope that the fish gets a larger home. Have a great week-end.


Megan, that fish reminds me of the movie years ago "What About Bob?"...absolutely hilarious. Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss. Have a wonderful time in Montecito, so beautiful there. xx's Marsha

Anonymous said...

reactions: like? try love.


Sparkie said...

All you need is a floating candle in there and we're good to go.

Laura Casey Interiors, LLC said...

Love the floating fish. thanks for the smile.

red ticking said...

love the photo... and wishing you a delightful weekend... xx

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