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Can you say that a photograph is 'still' in its beauty ? {seems a sort of obvious observation} hmmm...maybe 'quiet' is a better word. Either way, the interior and still life work of photographer, roland bello's mesmerizes, with the quiet dignity of spaces.


Love this seeing the accessories was inspiration.
Beautiful. I think the newspaper wall spaces have to be my favorite.

I kinda want to grab my Dad's Sunday NYTIMES and start pasting it up on the walls! :)
Splenderosa said…
Well, I must say I love his collections. The newspaper wallpaper reminds me of "A Brilliant Mind" though. Interesting. It looks like a set, not an apartment.
Shelves lined and filled top to bottom with jello molds, now that is in now way remaining 'still'.

I can feel the vibration from here.
Thank you so much for introducing us to Roland Bello! Super!
Beautiful. I love that first picture.
Leigh Chandler said…
These are beautiful! The copper molds and the bedroom shot are absolute perfection! Thanks for the introduction!!
mary said…
Love the photos of the antique jelly molds. But I have difficulty with some of the other spaces: perhaps it is the intimacy and emotion that find expression in the photograph. Thanks for making me ponder.
beachbungalow8 said…
I think you're right- some of these photos are probably sets,rather than actual rooms.

And, Mary, I agree, they have a sort of non intimate feel to them. But at the same time there's such a confidence that, to me at least, they don't at all feel void of emotion.

I love that his photography evokes an off putting feel. It's so easy to go to the happy, catalogue place. But a bit more of a stretch to create 'moodiness' while hanging on to beauty.
ZDub said…
That squirrel in a jar? *gasp*

Love this.
I can't reconcile the (nicely) cluttered spaces with the more sparse, but it all looks like my house, so I like it.

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