This Week on the Skirted Round Table:: designer, Scot Meacham Wood {aka TartanScot}

I find myself, very fortunate to count Scot Wood {aka Tartan Scot} as one of my good friends, met through blogging. When Scot and I first met {in real life} what went from "You're going to be in town? Great! let's meet for a quick coffee" to a four hour hang-out session, to dinner later that night- I think in total it was, 10 hours in all.
Scot's diminutive, San Francisco apartment turned, gentleman's parlor. His talent brimmeth over.
Needless to say, I adore this man. We have, since, had a few more lengthy meals and I look forward to many more. His design skills are as impeccable and elegant and he is. This week, I'm so happy that he took the time to sit down with us on "The Skirted Round Table". Come have a listen and you'll want to hang out with him too!
oh! and bonus?....Scot serenades us. Three words: To die for.


Karena said…
Loved the interview. Scot is just a great designer!

Did you enter my art giveaway yet? It's easy !Ends tonight!

Art by Karena
Charlotta Ward said…
What a treat to sit with the man in person - wish I lived closer and I'd come an listen to you girls around the skirted table. x

Megan, I hope you are enjoying a fab Easter!
We're having a great time (no parties!..still partied out since Oscar's weekend marathon..) with friends, and are doing little day trips around Sydney.
Fantastic to have this time off together.

x Charlotta
Rashon Carraway said…
Scott is quite the man. I enjoy his designs

Mr.Goodwill Hunting

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