Monday, May 17, 2010

anyhow, anyway- be thankful.

This beautiful video, set to the song by Brown Study was directed by Leah Dieterich, who also has one of the most novel ideas for a blog. ever.
thx thx thx.- a thank you note a day, is Dietrerich's blog, based on her mother's directive to always write thank you notes.
And so she does, to everything from bruises to uncertainty.
via bonjour bruxelles
And to think you woke up this morning, hit the alarm clock and groaned that it was Monday. Where's your gratitude?


melissa said...

loved the the title of this post. (and the new header is perfect!)

Thank You for Asking said...

What a clever one that Leah Dieterich is! I love the video and I love her blog! Thank YOU Beach Bungalow 8 for introducing her.

mary said...

Thanks for the's hard to give thanks for the knocks in life; but those knocks are the very things that push growth. Thanks.

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