this is one of those posts........

tapers. love, love the tall tapers
......that has little to do with anything except:
{cave man voice, poking with hairy knuckled index finger} and then throw in a few overwrought adjectives like, 'Amazing' and 'Stunning' and you pretty much have it.
I think this bride hired rifle to do the table numbers and menu. look, doesn't it look like her work? lucky.
Sarah Ryhanen, probably the most blogged about floral designers {saipua} ,had these shots on her flickr account today of a wedding she did over the weekend- held at the Bowery Hotel in NYC. Rustic, loose, organic and yes, amazingly gorgeous.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by, even if it's just to look at pretty pictures.


Mrs. Blandings said…
Love how some of these blooms look as if they have just peaked - really gorgeous.
Splenderosa said…
Megan, I love loooking at pretty pictures, doesn't every woman? Lovely, just lovely. And, I enjoyed seeing them and you. xx's
Karena said…
They are beautiful Megan, that isn't the only reason I visit you though!!


Art by Karena
Rachel said…
Wow - these are pretty pictures!! Thanks for sharing :-)
wOW! aBsolutely BEAutiful! I visited the Saipua website, and i was sweetly stunned!
anne said…
WHAT are those small blue flowers in the milk glass bowl? Do you know? I want them.
beachbungalow8 said…
sometimes you just gotta post the pretty. they speak for themselves. and pretty flowers? who doesn't love.

anne, I don't know what those are, nor do I know if they were part of the event. But that shot with peachy colored poppy, the milk glass and those little floating blue flowers- was just so perfectly beautiful to me, I had to add it.
Rebecca Corvese said…
I have SO many posts that I just want to post about...nothing really... lol...

Beautiful photos!


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