This is Yarra house.
It's in Melbourne.
Australia. It has pieced together vintage rugs. which I love.
It has great paneling on the walls and the ceiling. which I'm sure are all very green.
and yet brown. except this room which is less brown...
and has a darker brown wine cellar
It also has this cool, central spiral staircase, which would make Fibonacci, himself, swell with pride,
and the rest of us just want to slide down the Bannister.
love a round bathtub, with probably a great view
that's just off of, a very spartan yet, calming bedroom
which is very brown also.
oh and,
Yarra House is the winner of the 2009 Australian Interior Design Awards in the category of ‘Colour in Residential Interiors’.
All photography by Peter Bennetts Yarra House Design by Leeton Pointon Yara House Design by Susi Leeton First Spotted on The Cool Hunter


katiedid said…
Haha! So funny about the color award! I do like it though. Even though the bannister sliding might hurt a little, and great view at the tub might be from the outside in....the forms and materials are beautiful!
Michele from Boston said…
I actually laughed out loud! Thanks, Megan-M.
Anonymous said…
That's a riot! Very funny post.
Jennie Horn said…
That staircase is the most magnificent one I have ever seen.

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