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I haven't any clue how I originally stumbled upon this Japanese site, 'Mahna Mahna Factory' but I keep finding myself going back to just look. I mean, 6 " Disco Ball Shoes? A band leader's hat? It's like stumbling across the best yard sale ever. visual jack pot. mahna, mahna.


Great site! Thanks for sharing!
that sound you just heard was MY HEAD EXPLODING! what a GREAT site - is there a way to convert the prices into dollars?

I mean, I can do simple math, but is it available on the site.

scooter wanna shop!
Those are the highest heels I have ever seen. You would literally be walking on tip toe.
Unknown said…
Those disco ball it weird that I want them for my fireplace mantel!?
Richie Designs said…
love the disco ball shoes! don't know how anyone would ever walk in them but I'll sit and look pretty!
baby crib said…
Those are the highest heels I have ever seen in my whole life. It is very unusual by it looks good. I think that will fit for lady gaga..

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