I just got home from a weekend of sultry heat in the midwest, visiting family, getting the little cousin girls together for fragrant, cricket filled, night-rides on scooters, firefly chasing, trips to the ice cream store and all of those 'normal' summer activities that take on a certain storybook enchantment when you grow up in an urban beach environment.
I'm hittin' it running. I've got a fantastic event planned next week in NYC { blog out loud, NYC bay-bee! } So my postings will be light this week as I wrap up the final details on that.
From my virtual cigar box of trinkets and treasures, feathers and seashells, my file of miscellany:
The perfect, New Hampshire, Maine {insert favorite remote, beachy place here} summer house kitchen.
Isn't this about the most charming, summer house beach kitchen. I want to think it sits somewhere remote and those who use it, open it up every summer, removing the drop cloths from the furniture, wiping the salt from panes of glass, opening windows, sweeping the floors and readying it for a long summer of tan bare feet, shell seeking and lobster cookouts.


vicki archer said…
Your weekend sounds superbly romantic- glad you enjoyed it...xv
Yes! It is the most charming. I would love to arrive there, open the windows and breathe in that summery ocean air! Lidy
Karena said…
Oh Megan I am so sorry I missed you!! I hope you did have a grand time! The postcards are expected any day!

Art by Karena
Flotsam Friends said…
This is simply adorable! Leaves the modern look for dead (I think so anyway)... Funny, I just posted on my blog today photos from where I live (in Sydney, Australia) of original beach shacks... Didn't get inside them though... Px
Aimless Olive said…
Megan, your time in the midwest sounded divine. may I ask where you were, as It sounds very much like where I live. excited for you as you gear up for your big weekend in NYC!
mary said…
Glad you are back. I wish I had had a summer house just like that one when my children were all little--what fun. Messes would be good. No socks to wash only a couple of bathing suits and towels for the entire summer. Good luck next week.
beachbungalow8 said…
F.G.H. -yes! You know it smells so good in that house. Salt air and just a little bit of old wet wood fragrance.

Karena, I missed everyone. I wasn't able to get away at all. next time! hope your opening went well!

FF- I love a modern kitchen, but this nails it for me when it comes to laid back vacay house at the shore.

Aimless- it was really nice to be in Kansas City- SO very different from where we live. I had forgotten how verdant it is there. Big mature trees tenting the streets. It's really beautiful and green.... and buggy.

thanks Mary! it's nice to be home but now it's time to crank it up for the next event!!
Megan, the landscaping picture you posted here has left me breathless, it is the most beautiful I've ever seen... For a while a was wondering if this was really a photograph... It is a pic, right? ;-)
beachbungalow8 said…

It's a photo and now I really need to track down the artist. I can't remember where I found this. It's incredible, isn't it?

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