peace out

kind of feel like I've been M.I.A. this week, with all of the plans going into my upcoming NYC trip and Blog Out Loud event.
The fabulous, Brooklyn Contessa will be hosting a lovely get together Sunday night and my dear friend, the super dapper, Tartanscot will be in town. bonus.
and I know you're so disappointed that I haven't been blogging my outfits, but I'll save you the nail nibbling, for the record: I'll be donning, beach duds. Casual, jeans - a purse way too slouchy to be chic and maybe not even heels. Yes, even in the city, I'm still L.A. beaching it.
Our rsvp is now closed, because we've had such a great response. I have a feeling we'll be back though. But for those of you coming Monday night, can't wait to meet you, so glad you'll join us. We have a great line up of panelist:
Erin Loechner @designformankind,
Amy Dragoo
Meredith Barnett ebay blogger @theinsidesource,
Alison Feldmann Etsy Blogger@teenangster,
Michelle Ward
of When I Grow Up Coach @whenIgroupcoach.
really, who doesn't heart new york...big time.


Beth Dotolo said…
I'm so upset that I'm not there....
Please consider coming to Dallas! We will host you at our chic home boutique!! What can I do to coerce you?? ....Um.... we had a Jonathan Adler PA at our store. We're legit and I'm dying for you to come to Dallas! Seriously... let's talk! :)
dee said…
Can't wait to meet you in person! Doubt I'll be in anything other than flats and comfy pants;)
mary said…
Have a wonderful time in my second-favorite (Paris = No. 1) city.
Mrs. Blandings said…
So glad to hear there will be a next one - best of luck this trip, too.
Karena said…
Megan, what is a girl to do!! I am so excited about this seminar! I have the cards, so tell me where to send them if you still want to include,....

Art by Karena
rikshaw design said…
wish i was gonna be in fun and i want those crochet flats from that image!
Kelle Dame said…
Love those shoes! Have a great trip and hang your feet out the window if you can! Just don't lose a shoe!
I'm so envious of everyone who could be there. Still pushing for the Canadian Blog Out Loud!!
Miles Of Style said…
those ballerina shoes are the cutest! lovely picture.

just passing by your blog and i have to say i LOVE it. do come drop by mine too and maybe we can follow each other. =)

have a lovely day!


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