want to need

around here one often hears the bleating cry,
'but, I need it'
to which I reply, 'need or want?'
who's to say.
I'm not sure I've ever learned the lesson myself because mostly I feel that I 'want for nothing' but I'm pretty sure that I need the following:
the nautical boat bag with antique brass eyelets and a leather base. For carrying stuff.
come on, who doesn't need a vintage, men's rolex. With an orange face no less. Making it always 'Party Time'.
ok, well this,I actually may rully, rully and truly need. My old cruiser has a bent wheel...and it's not that cool looking. Certainly not as cool as this Linus, Dutch bike.
what does this even mean? It just seemed to find it's home in this post. I don't really need it.
this is actually something I think you might need. I already have it and i love it. I feel very fancy riding around town with this holding my beach towel, magazines etc. you can find it at Gumtree.
vintage, surf photos from the 70s. This one by Jeff Divine.
alright. that's enough neediness for one day.


katiedid said…
We are on the same page girlfriend. Have you seen the new bike catalog from the DWR founder? SOOOOOO cool. publicbikes.com
Marija said…
I am pretty sure I'm going to get the cool mom of the year award when I get that adorable basket for my daughter. It's so totally cool. If I had a bike, I would get one for me, too...
Where, oh where can I buy that bag??

It is perfect for summer!
Love the dutch bike. I got a city bike last summer, and I love it; it's just so aesthetically pleasing, with its black frame and wicker basket.

Since I was relearning how to ride, I decided to go with a less expensive model--less than $300--and I'm still happy with it!
Pink Pig said…
love the bike but every girl deserves a rolex and i Love that one!
Aimless Olive said…
MEGAN! Deeeelighted, you just basically covered MY 'I need this' list in one foul swoop!!! this just made my morning, not to mention put me on a quest...
jane said…
Love your blog....want to know where you found that amazing Rolex. Thanks.
beachbungalow8 said…
I found this Rolex originally at Steve Allen, in Venice Beach on Abbott Kinney. They have several with gorgeous colored faces. They run about 1,700.00
Unknown said…
Love, love, love that bag. xx

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