when heaven meets earth- The Crux Blanket

It's the Birkin bag of blankets, really. Beautifully made, a classic, works with any room/outfit, too much for me to reasonably talk myself into buying....and you've got to take a number and stand in line if you want one.
home of designer::Frederic Mechiche
and I'm not sure that I will ever stop wanting one . Behold the beloved, Crux Blanket by Pia Wallén:
photo:: inside out photo credit:: pia ullin
Of Impeccable craftsmanship and quality, it's made using traditional Scandinavian methods { by a small family owned company in Sweden } and the finest wool.
home of designer:: Orla Kieley
Every year, a new color is added.
Also, the price is over $700.00 per. So there's that small detail.
photo:: hus and hem photo:: Chris Stubbs for Skandium
Which brings me to wonder, why hasn't West Elm knocked this off? I mean, Pottery Barn had no problem knocking off Madeline Weinrib a few years back.
Why not crank out some version of this? Hell, sell it on Canal Street in a crinkly plastic bag. But you'd have to be ok with bad proportion/color/material and draping yourself in someone else's bad ju-ju.
But, would you buy it? Honestly?
photographer:: Alexander Crispin for Scandinavian Style
In Swedish folkart tradition, the cross is a strong symbol for hope, a meeting point of heaven and earth. I wish I could say that made all the difference for me.
photo credti:: hus and hem
But really, it's just about the great design and artisan quality that goes into each one. And I really, really want one. big time.
in orange.


Well then I certainly hope one finds it way to you soon, in orange! They are fabulous, I would love to lay a couple of these over the end of the beds in my boys room!
Karena said…
I love it Megan! The array of colors, the design, and craftsmanship are Priceless. Out of my budjet price range though!

Art by Karena
i love them. wouldn't say no to a black + white one. would prefer these to hermes.
Nothing better than a Good blanket.

Mrs. Blandings said…
I won't buy knock-offs (if I am aware - you know, sometimes I'm dim to couture) but share your curiosity. I am now pining for, guess, the black and white.
Gramercy Home said…
Love these blankets. I wouldn't get one at West Elm. Once you see the real thing it's hard...Like the PB/Madeline...
Unknown said…
Very funny post Megan! I also love this blanket and desperately want one too! Maybe someday.

BTW, I love you all on Skirted Round Table! Beach Bungalow is now going on my follow list. Don't know why I haven't done that yet!

Thanks a lot. Now I want one too...in orange or brown!!...Carol
Anonymous said…
I would have one in each color if it weren't for: The Cats.

Jennifer said…
Just looking back at your baby shower you hosted last June. The blue willow dinner plates. I am on the hunt and need around 30. Do you remember the person you contacted on ebay by chance?


judy ALDRIDGE said…
Just spent some time catching up on your blog--lovely, speaking of lovely, I saw your photo on Cote de Texas---Stunning!!!
katiedid said…
Set aside $50 a month for awhile (forgo that dinner out once a month) and it will be yours in NO time!....If only I could follow my own advice.
Anonymous said…
Oh heavens.
Hi Megan-

Brilliant post...very inspiring.

I love the color called 'potato' which in some images looks like taupe and others looks like pale grey, the color of the Baltic in winter.

I like the way you have shown various ways of styling it, and all the different decors it marries well with.

Great inspiration, thank you.
cheers, DIANE
LiveLikeYou said…
Okay you got me. Now I really NEED one!
oOoOO said…
on my wish-list for a very long time now... along with the chalkboard globe...
mary said…
I think that I really, really need one, now-please! Thanks for this fun post. I bet those blankets endure for generations. Mary
Susan Windsor Jones said…
Megan-Great post!
Hilarious and educational.
I had assumed Hermes. Despite the non-Hermes pedigree they are not in my budget either.
Maybe a load of these will fall off a truck somewhere.
Peggy and Fritz said…
My girlfriend is married to a Swedish guy - I'm going to ask her to check out how much they are in Sweden. sometimes there is a price difference and the exchange rate was high this year but going down....it's always reflected in the prices. I equate everything to Prada shoes - when they are over $700.00 the Euro is up when they are under $700.00 the Euro is down. Can you tell I deal in international business - UGH! I'm going to check out these. Ann
Flotsam Friends said…
Yes, I adore it... A little expensive to use as a Scout Blanket?? You know how you have to sew on all those badges?? Pxxx
beachbungalow8 said…
Well, if anyone can find the real deal a little cheaper, let me know! However I think that Katie-d-i-d probably has the best idea though.

I mean, it's not like I'd be putting aside a thousand a month for the next year as I would be with the Birkin.
okay, I have to have a black and white one. I have Swedish genes, so I love all things Sweden!
savvycityfarmer said…
ah yes, the cost ... ah yeah... small detail
Mabel and Zora said…
Love it in orange. The Crux Blanket looks super cozy.
Kelle Dame said…
OH no! This is one of those things that will make me plot for days on how to make one mine! Watch out hubby!
I've wanted the Hermes blanket forever but the price is over $900.00, perhaps my husband would agree to this one, because I'm saving a few hundred dollars? Hmmm...I'm thinking he still won't go for it!! It is beautiful!! If I was lucky to get one I think I'd have to get in in black though, it seems when I splurge on higher priced items I always play it safe with the color!

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