mixed music monday

I sort of had a dream weekend {in my book} a full day at the beach on Saturday -sunburns included {not so, 'dream' } an early to bed Saturday, and early to rise Sunday with a trip to the Long Beach Flea {scored a vintage necklace and some vintage flatware }. I'm simple like that. Here's a little mixed tape to take you into the week. I realize music, like any art, is subjective. Hope you like it, always welcome to your suggestions.
  1. The Concretes - Good Evening
  2. Au Revoir Simone- Shadows
  3. Local Natives- Wide Eyes
  4. Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros- Home
  5. Beach House- Norway
    By the way, check back in tomorrow I have a great give-away this week. And all you have to do is, comment! So simple.


Jen said…
Hey Sweetie! Great picture. Wish that were me ;-)

And a giveaway tomorrow?? YAY!!
Dumbwit Tellher said…
Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. Love your playlist, especially Beach Houses Norway. Thanks, nothing I love more than great music. Have a terrific evening
~ deb
Aimless Olive said…
OKAY, MEGAN! you have just introduced me to 3 groups I've never herd before, and it must be said- your music taste is excellent. it would appear we share very similar taste in music! I'm a photographer and a painter, and you have just given me some great new music to create to!
a thousand thanks,
beachbungalow8 said…
oh, so perfect! I love the hunt of the treasure at flea markets. Nothing makes my heart race faster (seriously, upon arrival i have to take a few deep breathes)

I'm SO glad you guys like the music! Whether or not it's your cup of tea, it's always good to be exposed to something else.

I think we're probably the only 4 that were feeling this medley though!

have a great week

oOoOO said…
megan in the house! so glad to know we have the same taste in music... back in the early 90s a guy friend of mine went on a blind date with a girl who stuck a michael bolton tape in the car's cassette player... which he promptly ejected and threw out the window... after that he always mused: 'people who don't know good music scare me...' don't know why... maybe it's the elitist in me that makes me laugh at the vision of this scene...
Style Court said…
My kind of weekend too. Love the photography lately Megan.
Mo said…
i LOVE 'Home' - great song, espec for a beach weekend here in New England!
love your blog....
kellib. said…
i LOVE "home" by Edward Sharpe + the Magnetic Zeros! i just did a post about the song on my blog as well: http://writeintimekb.blogspot.com

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