mixed music monday

I did nothing like laying prone on the beach this weekend. My entire family was gone all weekend and so I ran around doing things that I like to do, mostly including buying vintage crap and changing wall colors. I bought a, $30.00 vintage dresser {which I'm going to be ripping-off the idea from betsy burnham and painting, Union Jack }Went to the paint store, chose paint color for one bedroom {guy's coming today to paint}, on the way back from the paint store, stopped into an Antique Fair and found a cool, beat up, ghosty bus roll {score} which I like because it's not like the ubiquitous 8footers but still has that great graphic signage quality.
I've got to get to work on this dresser, enjoy some music if you'd like:
  1. Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks
  2. Florence and the Machine- Dog Days Are Over
  3. Neon Indian - Dead Beat Summer
  4. The Drums- Let's Go Surfing
  5. Maria and the Diamonds- I am not a robot


Unknown said…
Love that dresser, post photos when yours is done!
Karena said…
Great Project Megan, thanks again for checking on me. I am glad to hear you had such a great weekend!

Art by Karena
I change wall colors, anytime I'm left alone for too long.
I give no fair warning, and I make no apologies.

72 and sunny said…
I'm hoping to chronicle the dresser re do, but it may end up looking like a bad, grade school project. fingers crossed. I'm nervous about all of the straight lines and math that this involves.
Michelle said…
Great day indeed...a friend and I are going garage sale-ing this weekend...

Is a bus roll a sign of stops? That's very cool!

Aimless Olive said…
Megan~ I have a snap of the chest of drawers by besty burnham! LOVED the union jack idea...brilliant, can't wait to see your end result!!! I was toying with all the other possibilities...I think the danish flag would be stellar too.
oh, and as awlways, loving the 'mixed music monday' set list :)
72 and sunny said…
Aimless- I was trying to come up with a different flag too. that's a great idea. I have to pick up my dresser today and get crackin'. I'll post some photos.

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