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airstream party found on pinterest, by way of little blue deer
"Art offers the possibility of love with strangers"
This quote, by art curator Walter Hopps, has been bouncing around in my head all week. I consider all forms of personal expression to be art. Art to me is a beautifully curated +/or written blog, a savory home cooked meal, a simple line on paper, a great outfit, a physical space that's been appointed in a way that fills me with a rush of happiness, excitement or calm. As long as I respond to it, I know I've made a connection, for a moment, with its creator. I'm pretty sure that this is the point of creativity.
Heavy thoughts on a Friday, indeed.
Around here we're getting ready for our beach to explode as tens of thousands of people descend upon our little town for the big 6-man volleyball tournament and International Surf Festival. It's always, sure mayhem at the beach but also a celebration of beach living. Personally, I'd like to be sitting quietly in a tricked-out Air Stream, having a glass of wine with some good friends. But no matter how you choose to end the week, I hope it's a celebration of sorts.


Catherine said…
That looks magical. I want to be there now. And I have the perfect Peace and Love cushions in bright stripy colours to go in the camper. If you want to take a look you can see them on my website - not sure if I have done this correctly so excuse me if it doesn't click through properly - <a href=""
Laurie Grassi said…
Yes, I could definitely handle me some of that...!
Have an awesome that airstream! xoxo Beth
Peggy and Fritz said…
OMG love this post Megan. Love the quote and feel your sentiments exactly on the air stream. What a cute one :) Instead it will be CRAZY here and my neighbors on 8th are gearing up for the party of the century. It's going to be nuts. Wish I was anywhere but here! Ann
Renae said…
Pull that airstream on over to ATL and we'll fire up the AC! Looks like fun! I went to the International Surf festivities when I was in college.
Roberta said…
I would love to blow up that pic and have it in by bedroom framed. Have to have it. It makes me happy.
mary said…
Hi Megan, I went over this quote many times and it filled me with awe. He seems to being saying that all of our lives are works of art. That whether we are conscious regarding our decisions or not, we are creating. This is pretty powerful, I'm going to have to spend some more time with this thought. Thanks for opening my eyes. Mary
Sounds like a great weekend in store with a ton of people. Great way to handle it!
tamara said…
this california camper look conjures up so many magical feelings of summer all in one glance...fabulous! I love your blog and it is a visual joy - thanks for your inspirations. Stop over to Nest by Tamara to see me....
krista said…
for some reason, i believe that airstream party contains the secret to a happy life. that's a great stylist!
Charlotta Ward said…
What a gorgeous post Megan! I love how you think and how you make me think. The quote is beautiful and yes, I think you nailed the analysis. It makes the world a fabulous place doesn't it?! I mean, to know that the things we surround ourselves with started off as a spark of creativity at some drawing board somewhere. Or on a napkin whilst drinking wine in a fab Air Stream! :)

x Charlotta
Hi there

Love the airstream,we sold ours two years ago,and miss it in the yard..
just wanted to let you know i gave you the Sunshine award on my blog! Check it out if you get a chance :)

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