the pygmalion effect

Susan Peterson fell in love with this sofa:
ok, it was more about the length and the general quality of the craftsmanship. But deep within, she saw that it could be more. After taking 9, 2 hour classes, she transformed this old gal into this stunning, chic number:
un believable.
here's the cost breakdown:
$30 - Couch
$90 - Fabric (microfiber,17 yards bought on an extremely LUCKY truck sale)
$320 - Class ($160/per person)
$120 - Other Materials (staples, foam, jute, legs + muslin)
$560 - Total
and here's a time lapsed video of the project:
and for all of you in West Lafeyette, Indiana, this weekend is the Upholstery Fair! oh ya. 2 days of learning how to upholster from a few of the best in the business.


I loved that youtube video! My worn out sofa is sitting in my barn waiting to be reupholstered. Now I know it will be worth it (it is almost the same exact shape as the one shown here). Removing the back cushions is the perfect solution to my kids always using the pillows for their forts! Sorry boys ; )
Anonymous said…
Amazing! Thanks for including the video too!

Eddie & Jaithan
i am pam said…
whole smokes - that is amazing. I want to come over sit down and have a drink and chat. Absolutely amazing!
Whoa!! I'm always moaning about the cost of reupholstering...totally get it.

What a gorgeous couch!!!! So rad.
Linda Merrill said…
Amazing! And loved the music to!
Kelle Dame said…
So cool! The great part is that the class more than paid for itself and she can work her wonders on any couch she wants now. Sign me up!!
Lisa Porter said…
Good morning sunshine! I do hope it's sunny and you had a fun, relaxing, spontaneous, all over the place weekend. When my group leaves, I spend an hour walking in circles trying to get used to the "alone time."
Ok, you have no idea how glad I am that you posted this video. Thank you. Calling the upholstery lady NOW!
xo Lisa
I LOVE that sofa! Wow that video was amazing too. I don't think I'd be quite daring enough to try a sofa. She did an awesome job.

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