sneak peek- on Target

I'm not sure what makes me happier that Target just stepped it up to a whole other level or that an endeavor such as Poketo has collaborated with the super retail giant, allowing so many talented indie artists a vehicle to expose their genius to the masses.
Coming in August, to select stores, the Poketo for Target Line.
Pricing is anywhere between $9.99 - $29.99.
Poketo’s “art for your everyday” philosophy originated in the notion that art should be accessible. This led to the creation of their signature Limited-Edition Artist Wallets, which merged functionality with the work of contemporary art’s most formidable talents. The brand has since expanded with more art products, and with collaborations worldwide. Poketo for Target now brings creative energy to an even wider audience, in hopes that art can be accessible to all!
Check back on August 10th, I'll be showing images of the collection.
some of the artists included will be: Betsy Walton / Camilla Engman / Catalina Estrada / Cole Gerst / Melissa Contreras...and more.


Simple Home said…
I'm looking forward to seeing these Megan. Thanks for the 'sneak peak'. If you get a chance, I'd like your feedback on whether I should distress the mirror on my white Wednesday post. I love your design ideas :-)
Love Target. Its one of my first stops when we visit the US. This new collection looks fab.
Lisa Porter said…
You know me & Target, I had to see what you were talking about! Am I the only one who had no idea what Poketo is? Hmmmm. Will check it out but I just can't go in right now. The sight of school supplies freaks me out!
Hey how's the chest coming along?
Zakary said…
When I first read Poketo, I thought it said Pokemon.

Looks fab.

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