Monday, July 19, 2010


The tendency for me, when referring to my blog friends, is to call them by their blog names.
This is all well and fine until you attempt to explain, with whom you had lunch or were speaking on the phone, and your husband {non blog reader } looks at you like maybe he missed the part when you went off to summer camp and made "besties" with a slew of people calling themselves by acronyms and titles.
enter, a great idea with a twist of wry ....
Ashley Albert { @pluckypea } twitterer, artist, actress and musician, is the brainchild behind the jewelry line "Survival of the Hippest". Albert, has created a great jewelery line of customized, id necklaces and bracelets using your very own, social media moniker.


preppyplayer said...

Very cool. You have smart friends :)

Mrs. Blandings said...

I know you know that I do the same thing. Nick and Shack should have drinks sometime.

ZDub said...

Oooh, those are totally genius.

Beth Dotolo said...

THANK YOU!!!! I just ordered one for @hellosplendor !! I love this... thanks for turning me on to it!

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