This Week on the Skirted Round Table:: Pure Style Home's Lauren Liess

This week on The Skirted Round Table, we welcome the lovely {and a better word could not be more fitting for this talented beauty } Lauren Liess author of the blog, Pure Style Home. If you've watched Lauren's blog, you probably know of how she and her family went from living in her mother's basement {to save money} to buying a ranch style home in need of some TLC and a big hit with the aesthetic stick.
Lauren has not only successfully created a beautiful and inspiring home, but has done it on a budget with plenty of ingenuity.
When in need of many yards of hand blocked fabric, she made her own using a stencil {I love this and will be stealing it}
In lieu of cringingly high prices on wallpaper, Lauren blew up an art print and applied it to her dining room wall.
Her blog is filled with DIY and beauty on a budget. Lauren generously shares with us all of her resources and ideas and will certainly inspire you along the way. She also weighs in on the painted floor quandary.
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Gramercy Home said…
OH, this looks great. Excited to check it out.
Anonymous said…
Maybe she could offer up a few suggestions for making that bedroom of your truly "universally admired". This I've got to see. If that doesn't work, perhaps a new pose for the next blog that puffs up your design skills.
Lauren said…
hey Megan- thanks for this sweet intro and of course for using the most flaterring pic i have- ha!

anyway, it was so much fun and thank you again!!
beachbungalow8 said…
lauren, you were so nice to take the time to come speak with us! thanks again.

anon, have some coffee and we'll call you a cab.

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