Generally, I don't do the circus. "Geek Love" didn't really help matters very much. I'm not good with loud noises. I feel sorry for the animals and nobody likes a clown.
But I do sort of like the vintage imagery that goes along with the concept of the 'big tent'....
reds and whites
stripes are always crisp and add a bit o' the whimsy I want this little ring to open, exposing a tiny little gold circus ring...
carousel necklace here| circus print ish & chi circus wallpaper catherine martin| circus ring here


Love your new header obviously I have not been in a bit. I am not a circus fan either I couldn't even finish "Water for Elephants." Your circus imagery is sweet, red and white carousel, and that ring I want one!
Unknown said…
All this stuff is darling! I just wrote a circus post too...

72 and sunny said…
Gina> thank you! isn't that ring great? and It's really well priced. I have "Water for Elephants" on my reading list. I'm scared to read it. The elephants made me so upset when I was a kid. I hated the make up and chains the forced on them. ugh. ok, pretty, happy thoughts.

Robin> super hot post. a little dark, a little glam.

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