G&G and Young Southern Style

If you haven't received the latest issue of Garden & Gun....it's a great one. The cover features designer/blogger, Rachel Halvorson {who's 26, really talented and...stunning. god is good people}
Among the handful of young, shiny new faces of Southern style is artist Shelley Hesse, who creates these beautiful ocean animal themed watercolors :
Hesse, partnered with anthro to create a Spiny Lobster rug based on this painting-found hereMake sure to have a look at the other featured creatives. It's a great round-up.
And if you're new to G&G don't let the name scare you. It's a beautiful magazine, celebrating the Southern life style. It's full of great photography, well written articles, some very 'Southern' food|drink recipe and always a good dog article thrown in .
**Update:: embarrassed to say, that I didn't realize my blogger friend, Stylecourt is a contributor to this feature. Courtney is responsible for introducing us to New Orleans designer and artist, Melissa Rufty and Shelley Hesse. Thanks Courtney, you always have treasured finds.


Lisa Porter said…
G&G has been a staple on our coffee table for years. My MR. gives me a wink every Christmas just to remind Santa to renew his yearly subscription.
How great to see the darling Rachel Halvorson gracing the cover!
And you are right...the dog articles get me every time.
splendid market said…
I am RUNNING to anthro to try to find the spiny lobster rug -- it is absolutely splendid!!
That is so cool and Rachel is adorable!

The water colors by Shelley were wonderful and the rug...well let's just say I'm wishing I had a beach house!
Halie said…
I'm in love with the lobster rug too!! Leave it to anthro to be a step ahead.
Pearl Maple said…
Wow, those water colors are fantastic
Goodness!..I better get me some good ole G&G, and gravitate to good taste.

Doug Davis said…
probably the best G&G yet...and so proud of Rachel!
Style Court said…
I had so much fun contributing to the piece. Shelley and Melissa were the women I covered and both are fascinating! Haskell did such a great job with the whole special issue. Thanks for highlighting it Megan!
Style Court said…

Depending on where you live, G & G can be found at Whole Foods.
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for featuring me!!! Wow. I am so flattered to be on your blog. I've been reading/listening to you for months now but have never commented. Shame on me! :) Thanks again,

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