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photo by robert reader:: prints available here
Don't forget about the Seaton Beach giveaway+ discount that started yesterday. There will be two winners this time, so make sure to enter.
And I'm so proud of my friends at Poketo for their new collaboration launch with Target. I you're in NYC or LA this weekend, be sure to stop by Target for the Poketo Ice Cream social. Ice Cream Trucks will be providing great photo opps and lots of ice cream. in celebration.
1-3:30 pm
corner of La Brea + SMBlvd.
12-2pmthe Target
at Atlantic Sta. UNIQUE O.C. is this weekend too. Don't miss the outdoor event with indie designers, great foods, free drinks+beer, photo booth pictures, and diy workshops.
Admission- $5
11-6 PM
location here
And in other news, I painted my floors these last few days. ya. Finally. If you care to hear any more about it or check out my pics. I'll be posting photos and tips next week.
that's it! now go have a weekend...


Charlotta Ward said…
Great picture!
Congratulations to your friends on the team up with Target. Great!

Have a lovely weekend.

x Charlotta
mary said…
Can't wait to see those floors--what a job.
cotedetexas said…
I want to see your floors!!! send a picture, pluzzeee!!!!

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