really enjoying this open house snoop of TenOverSix shop owner, Kristin Lee's house in Nichols canyon, here in LA.
A painting of a 20s socialite presides over the 1970's burled walnut dining table. {those, Rachel Comey, shoes she's wearing kick a lot of ass - actually the whole outfit is pretty much perfect}
who needs a breakfast table? brilliance, set your kitchen up like a lounge and kick it.
this just put all of my dreams of the perfectly organized, million dollar closet system to rest. For someone like me who needs to see everything out, in order to remember it exists, this stylist's closet is geniousity. Plus it has room for spinning around or dancing, or just lying on your back and staring at the ceiling when you go into Xmode
{ Xmode- ex.(md) n.; the manner of being when you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear }
Little skeleton man wearing Dries van Noten outfit. Don't know what's in his hand. More vintage cool furniture, and I like that she didn't paint the entire ceiling white.
via:: refinery 29 and shot by, justin coit


Cheers! designing a good life for our "Self".
ohhhh closet envy!! btw I took your advice and posted my pics :-)
Mrs. Blandings said…
That last picture? That's just how I felt when I finished reading the post.
LiveLikeYou said…
Very cool house. Now I'm even more excited to head to LA tomorrow!!
Victoria Bellow said…
THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!This house just makes you want to unwind, relax and be with people you enjoy!envy to that closet too!!!Lovely pictures!!!thanks.inspiring!
Fargerike Dagny said…
I'm deeply fascinated by her totally messy coffee table... And I totally agree with you, her wardrobe is perfect!

Just the way I'd want it :)

Catherine said…
Glad to see someone else's coffee table isn't pristine. I thought it was just me!
vicki archer said…
Love that closet...actually, I love the whole scene. xv
72 and sunny said…
I know that last shot is simply,the best. You know that water feels like a cool spring.

ok, regarding that coffee table. I couldn't stop looking at that. I actually blew the photo up and examined. It makes me think of lazy Saturday mornings with good coffee and great music humming in the background, doing the crossword puzzle.

it also makes me wish I wasn't such a neat freak and could just 'give' a little.
Susan Windsor Jones said…
Can a shop girl really live like that? She is beautiful, stylish and must be one hell of a businesswoman.
I am so envious and inspired.

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