summer vacation slide show

My memories of summer car trips are of my dad driving the red, Buick station wagon; my mom riding shot-gun, three older sisters occupying the middle seat and my brother and I, freely lounging in the way back on sleeping bags and pillows, playing Mad-Libs. No restraints, no seat belts just hanging out, thinking up gross adjectives and nouns while biding the time as we drove out West.
About a week and a half ago, It was I who rode shot gun as the kids, tethered and strapped in place, scribbled out words like, 'stinky', 'gooey' and 'slimy' as we made our way East, stopping at the Grand Canyon (which we couldn't find for a good hour - how does one miss the Grand Canyon?) moving on North, through Utah, and then ending up in the badlands of Wyoming. For several days we rode helicopters, horses, white waters, saw bison and bear and generally found our inner cowboy. Then, on Thursday we made our way back: Utah to Nevada to California again. jiggity jig.
And of course, what summer vacation memory is worth anything without the slide show with dust motes floating through the streaming light, the burny sweet smell of the hot carousel. I think I usually fell asleep. I'm not saying this show will be anymore exciting than those of my past. But if you're interested in what I did on my summer vacation, here ya go......
oh, and I have no idea how to get that embarrassing ad off of the window. If any of you geniuses out there can help, let me know.


Megan, OMIGOSH, what a great post! Sounds like a fabulous time! Cracks me up about missing the Grand Canyon. How you describe the trip, Mad Libs, etc., you seriously need to write. I mean as in a book...hello publisher!

LOVE LOVE the slide show. Going to have to steal that idea. Not to worry about the commercial. It goes away fast.

Thanks for sharing. (Having a restless sleep night in case you are noticing the time of this comment)

XO Lynn
So fun! It was impossible to tell what year it nostalgic. My husband has been wanting to do this for years and the thought of being in the car that long...well I was never really game. I'll have to show him this slide show!

Oh, the picture of the bull made me laugh, because on a recent trip to drop my son off at college, I took a picture of one and thought why the hell am I taking a photo of this beast!?
Aimless Olive said…
what a wonderful time it looks like you all had! your description of childhood vacations- took me back!!! noggin now swirling with memories of my summer vacations past...thanks for sharing
~melissa x
JustJoan said…
Great photos! I'm sure the kids will remember it just like you do your childhood vacations (except for the seatbelts).
There was a little x top right to get rid of the ad.
Peggy and Fritz said…
How incrediable. Love all the photo's. My girlfriend loves your blog but just had a baby yesterday - she's going to die when she sees this. I love the vintage video. So perfect. Great shots and I love the stop sign...I need to know if it really said if so, pretty funny. Your description of your trips as a kid reminded me of my own, I had forgotten about Mad Libs. Looks like Nick and you and the kids had a great time.
mary said…
This is a great post. I love the slide show. Have fun getting ready for school.
Great slide show... Embarrassing ad is right! Ha, looks like you had a great summer, you have given me some great ideas!
Zakary said…
This is so perfect, I love your photos.

And if you drove through CO, we aren't speaking.

(yes we are)
Mabel and Zora said…
We had that same station wagon in white. We traveled all over Texas in it. We love summer vacations. Great post. Thanks.
The BEST part about this whole trip is that you guys managed to keep it authentic - with some classic Americana, family fun, and amazingly gorgeousness scenery in for good measure. A+++for choice and exposing your kids to all this and making a really unforgettable memory for both of them - and YOU!
a lovely being said…
what a blast. I wish I would have gone on a summer roadtrip with *my* family! I miss those days :)
xx fallon
Charlotta Ward said…
Loved the slide show! Thanks for sharing. And there I was writing you an email just before I popped in here asking for one.. On cue! :)

Love the 'one handed ride' by your huz. You all look like you were born in the saddle!

What an amazing trip! Life long memories for sure. What did the girls think of the adventure?

x Charlotta
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks all!

yea, Mabel + Zora, ours had white pleather interior. It was actually super cool. I'd love to have it now. I think my mom traded it in for a green and wood sided buick. which wasn't as cool.

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