white girl

In the past few weeks I've managed to take my richly colored home and turn it into a light, white, soothing, box of tranquility. Gone are the Taper Green walls and in their place Paladium Blue. It was time to lighten things up around here.
Gone are the dark, Clarence House, Greek Key inspired drapes and in their place, that fabric everyone went out and bought from Calico Corners {more on that later}
But the biggest change was what I spent last week doing, PAINTING THOSE FLOORS WHITE. actually it's a very pale gray, 'Vapor Trails' (this sample is completely inaccurate)
yes, you of uncouth manner. You who has told me in more ways than one, how boring you find me ..... you should probably get off the train now. Because I'm about to write an entire post on one of the things for which you find me to be the most boring. For the rest of you, who have been dropping me little messages of inquiry and urging via email, twitter and facebook- here we go......
I really didn't know what product to use. Oil? More deck paint? Somebody sent me a paint name that she had found in a magazine. But being in L.A. or rather, California, I was unable to buy it, as it was oil based and restrictions and blah, blah.
So then, I was looking at my blogger friend, Camila's site and noticed she was planning on painting her floors~ ah! pick the brain of another blogger. The best way I know, to get good DIY info. Camila, told me about 'Break Through' paint.
Immediately called the paint store up the hill and they were able to get it in for me on Wednesday.
This was such an easy project and the total cost for 2 gallons + some rollers, was around $100.00. I did it solo- Nick doesn't have much interest in these projects, and honestly, I sort of get yelly- so it took about 2 and half days to do three rooms and one long hallway.
The paint I have down on the floor, is a deck paint that I bought at Sherwin Williams about 6 years ago. I didn't sand it and I think because of the wear and tear, the new paint adhered pretty well. There were a few areas, where the sheen was still on, and I noticed a bit of bubbling. not so good. So if you have any sheen to your floor, I'd suggest sanding it lightly. Also, I cut around the edges by hand first and then began to roll. No taping. easy peasy. I started in the kitchen, since I figured, that we would need that space back in working order the soonest. Actually Nick did help me haul the table out. and the fridge which, if you haven't cleaned under your fridge in 3 years, you should probably stop reading this and go right now, roll it out and check out your new collection of: dried cheese pieces (or plastic not sure which) baby barrettes, photographs, wads of dog hair from a dog no longer living, a syringe with needle attached (from fore mentioned dog's insulin) a ring from the dentist, magnets...it's like being on a dig.
all of the furniture pushed toward the middle of the room.
back to the painting. I probably did it the hardest way possible, because this is how I do everything. And because I did it solo. I moved what I could as far to one side of the room as I could and painted.
kinda felt like a hoarder.
This stuff dries so quickly, that after about an hour you can put down another coat and within 2 hours, move everything back on to that area. And so it went, moving everything back and forth and painting. I ended up leaving the last for the next day....
smart: paint with white paint while wearing black. also smart: put self tanner on and then climb into your bed with white sheets.
The end result? I love it.
Now back to that curtain fabric.
I hate it, and it's being taken down as soon as possible. It's sort like a Jenga game, paint the walls and the floor, and now I want a new rug, new pillows , new curtains.........


Your floors look fantastic!! The white adds a real freshness to the room. Great choice. I love how you just got in and did it :)
Sarah said…
Hi Megan...the floors look FABULOUS!! I love white floors and it looks really bright and fresh...this translates to the photos...great decision...I wish I had all white floors too! thanks for sharing your project and looking forward to the new curtains!

Fargerike Dagny said…
Oh wow! They're white! Finally!! LOVE it! Now I wanna paint mine too...

And I want your chinoiserie chandelier too!!


ps - I'm hosting a giveaway with Eva Solo, and we're giving away the most beautiful dish shaped like a maple leaf :)
white floors are THE best!! i'm super jelly jealous! i'd love to paint mine. you've totally inspired me. hunky hubby loves his dark planks though. grrrr.
it looks beautiful!!!
Shazam, Megan!! So proud and impressed and inspired - although I never doubted for a minute your decision. It looks fantastic! And how utterly satisfied you must feel.

(oh, and a word on that stunning union jack bag hanging ever so Britishly on your dining room chair. Where ever did you find?)
sheree said…
Congratulations ... what fabulous floors!!! I've been trying to decide what to do with the floors in my living room - but you and Camilla have convinced me ... I need to paint! Now to find BREAKTHROUGH in Australia ... thanks for the inspiration.
mary said…
I liked the old floor-but the new floor is amazing. I cannot believe the difference in the feel of the house. I love it. Thanks for sharing.
Concrete Jungle said…
Ha, I'm so excited you got brave and did it yourself even! It looks fab I bet it isn't much harder to keep then the dark! The drapes well they are rather expected but might make good seat cushions or??
Anyway congrats!
Looks beautiful, Megan. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a hubby that has zero interest in "projects". But to be honest, it's really better that way. I tend to be a tad bit picky about how things are done and just end up making him feel like he can't brush his teeth without my guidance.
Thanks for posting!
Mrs. Blandings said…
I would call you right now if it weren't so early in CA. I love it. And my process would have been exactly the same.
Peggy and Fritz said…
Megan it looks awesome. I love the white floors. I was laughing on the flying solo part because I do it all myself too because I get nasty. Ha Ha. We knew we needed to rip up the carpets but I wish we had wood underneath. Gotta start saving for those floors - it looks so bright and fresh. Love the white. Looks beautiful as always. Ann
Mar gar et said…
Oh, hey, the whole world's a spectator critic! Your bungalow is darling, welcoming and it took a lot of hard work to make it look beach comfy and effortless. Good job, keep going!
I'm definitely not bored when I visit your blog! It's lovely! And your room transformations are stunning!
angie@bonita-interiors said…
Megan, although I have never written on your blog, I have to say bravo!!!Beautiful job and I am inspired.Your house looks like it has been totally remodeled. I know you debated for quite awhile but just shows you when you follow your gut you won't go wrong.
Anonymous said…
now that is an uplift. nice! I am so paralyzed about my wood floor's future...very inspiring.
Kate said…
It looks amazing!! I love it in the dining room -- it's very fresh and cheery!
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks! thanks! thanks! it wasn't such a big deal - as I had been dreading it would be. And the dirt and scratching (of which I've had none yet) has been manageable.

I loved the dark floors, but there's something about all of this light that just, well, lifts everyone's spirit.

Bon Brux- scored that at the LB Flea over the weekend!It's a great bag + allows me that Union Jack fad.
rikshaw design said…
yipppeee it looks fantastic!! doesn't it feel like you are floating?! i love it i love it!
Karen said…
What an amazing transformation! Wow. That turned out so well...it looks so fresh and cozy. Great job!
Renae Moore said…
Well done Megan....looks fab and very 'beachy'. I admit I was a bit skeptical about painting the floors, but they look fantastic. Do post on how it wears!
kerry said…
Your floors look so great - I love it! Question, are painted floors hard to get back to their original state if you grow tired of them?
Sealicious said…
I LOVE it! It's nice to see that fabric made into curtains because i was thinking of doing the same thing, maybe it only works as a glamorous upholstered headboard?
Linda Merrill said…
Brava! So glad you did it and it looks fantastic!
beachbungalow8 said…
rikshaw, it does feel like one's floating!

I'll keep you all updated on the wear.

and yes, I do believe that fabric would maybe do better as a headboard. or in small bits. As it is, it just BUGS me.
i am pam said…
wow! looks like so much work but the pay off is crazy good! love it!
Well done ...White Girl.

Looks like you made a major
"Break Through".

EMILY said…
I too, bought the laura ashley ikat fabric from CC- for my curtains! I'll have to swap photos with you once they're made. x Emily
Leigh Chandler said…
I absolutely love it! Actually all of it - the curtains are beautiful and just because the fabric is so popular doesn't mean it doesn't look fabulous in your home. The whole house belongs in a magazine! I love all of your accessories and it is even more beautiful to me knowing the fact that you did it yourself. I think you are amazing and an inspiration, don't let anyone tell you any different!
Abbie said…
So jealous of both Camila's and your floors! Amazing.

Died laughing at this... "Nick doesn't have much interest in these projects, and honestly, I sort of get yelly"... that is so us, too!

I think the curtains look great, but I totally get how it might make you see a different vision now that you've done the floors. We just pulled up our area rug after changing out the media console. Then I wanted new sconces... My husband thinks I'm crazy.
Gramercy Home said…
It looks great Megan! I'm so glad you went for it. I tend to get paralized on doing projects becasue the thinking about process is harder than the doing process. I truly enjoyed your commentary!
Mabel and Zora said…
We love a white floor. Your spaces look amazing.
ghost chair said…
the floor looks nice, but I think I love that patterned wall treatment in the dining nook even more!
YEAH! It looks so great & fresh... I can't believe you did all that by yourself. The debate has been intriguing all the way and it must be totally satisfying to see such a fantastic result!
Unknown said…
It looks fantastic! I love it.

I know about all about the self tanner and white sheets bit. Why? Because like a dumb a** I never think when applying self tanner. Also smart - self tanner then hot yoga with white towels.
Elizgonz said…
I was 100% against the white floors before you did it, but I was sooo wrong. I think you're house was actually begging for white. It looks beautiful!
Yay Megan! You are so brave and it looks fantastic! My husband and I can't do a project together without hurt feelings and things better left unsaid (I'm a bit yelly too). You did the right thing tackling it yourself and you did an amazing job!
Shauna said…
love it. think it refreshes the trellis, but I get being over it.
Ha, you paint like I do, a section at a time, as to not have to do too much hard labor and prep work. Your room looks so good! Love a light floor. I just repainted my concrete floor from brick red to a light khaki. Walls are the lightest aqua of my own making (I am a color consultant who can rarely find the perfect color straight out of the deck, at least for myself). The first coat will always stick way better than repaints, so I have deep red scratches everywhere. It is what it is. Here's hoping your new color sticks!
Susan Windsor Jones said…
More pictures so I can be more jealous!
cotedetexas said…
Aw, Megan. It looks so fabulous! Hard to believe you ever even had dark floors. it's perfect. i love the curtains. sue me. love the new wall color too. i am so jealous right now, i want to do this so badly. sooo badly. wow. it looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!! love that nick didn't help. ben wouldn't even move the table. he's be screaming at me the whole time: "WHY??? why?????" hehe.
love you.
Yay! It came out great! So happy I got to you on time before you went with deck paint!

My floor up keep has been great so far as well.

The dogs are on it, we are on it with shoes and so far so good.

I had one minor chip when I moved the fridge back into place, but we fixed it easily and it's been great.

Yes you will see more dirt, etc with a light floor, but I've been sweeping everyday and then using the swiffer every other and we've been good.
yaayy!! so great that you finally went for it and painted your floors.
It looks beautiful!
I know what you mean whith the trickling down effect of wanting to change things up now.
That's a joy of being a designer isn't it :)

Lisa Porter said…
Everytime the MR. catches me eyeballing my tired old (not the nice old) wood floors, he reminds me of the BLACK LAB and resale value. "White girls" raise eyebrows around here...not that I really care though. Gaaaaawd I miss California.
Ok this is very "yelly" so I will close.
Love it Megan!!!
beachbungalow8 said…
camila, bless you for guiding me! I would have been cursing this project had I used oil based paint. Although, I do love a good toxic paint smell in my house. (this has none)

I agree, that it makes the Imperial Trellis a bit more fresh. And I was going to tear it down. I still may, in fact, the white floors give me so many more options.

I really do believe that not all wood floors were meant to be varnished. These were old. and not great wood. the house was built with the intention of being used in the summer months and not with great quality wood.

as for resale, believe it or not, this is considered a 'liveable tear down' i.e. it's under 2k sqft and more than 10 years old. sad. but true! so when we sell this old gal, she'll surely be torn down. white paint and all. So in the mean time, I'm just doing what I want. I refer to it as my, 'Design Lab'

thank you for all of your supporteve and kind comments. seriously. you all have made my day!
Karena said…
Megan you are on a roll! The floors are perfect and you have that light airy look to lighten the day.

I always find your blog inspirational!

Art by Karena
Paula Masterman said…
Fantastic, Megan ~ I love the way the white floors really make everything pop - the bar stools especially. It looks great. I'll have to come visit soon to really appreciate it. And good decision to do it yourself and send Nick out of the room...I do the same with Larry. Like Uncle - like nephew, I guess!
Anna Spiro said…
IT LOOKS SO GORGEOUS MEGAN!!! So thrilled you did it and I LOVE the ikat curtains with the new white floors - DIVINE!!!

Boxwood Terrace said…
Your place looks even more fabulous with the light floors. I'm with you on the solo projects. Sometimes, it's more satisfying to just plow through the job without stopping for questions, comments, and debates.
annechovie said…
Wow, Megan! It was charming before but now it's off the charts chic and cozy. I love the new look and the floors make it! Nice work!! xx
quintessence said…
Wow - looks really great, especially the kitchen. And I'm really impressed you did it yourself - don't know that I'm that brave.
Cyn said…
Love the way it turned out...Looks fantastic. Congrats on a job well done!

I can't wait to see what fabric you pick for the windows - something amazing I am sure. That ikat is pretty, but doesn't seem like you (not that I know you or anything ;)

Thanks for sharing!
Hi Megan, Love your white/gray floors......thanks for the photos......the room looks amazing!
Andrika King said…
Looks fabulous! Also impressed that you did it on your own! Gonna have to come by and see it in person, my floors need a desperate change! Thanks for the inspiration~!

BTW what paint store did you call up on the "hill"
Gretchen O. said…
I knew you would do it! It looks great, so light and airy. I think grey was a great choice! I just got a similar ikat (Robert Allan, and am not a huge fan either...sometimes you just have to experiment....luckily I only made pillows:)
Carmel's Closet said…
I can see why you love it! Well done, good on you for just getting on and doing it.
Have a lovely weekend in your new surrounds.
Unknown said…
go girl! it does look brilliant.
bink and boo said…
Oh my goodness! All your hard work paid off. The floors look amazing!
Just gorgeous! Love the wallpaper accent wall and its artwork and the light fixture above the table and the drapes.
Mango Gal said…
Amazing! What a transformation! I love the white painted floors, it gives the house a whole new feel.
Kerry said…
I'm so impressed, Megan, it looks fantastic! And thought you'd given up on the idea of painting your floors.

Can't wait to see what you do next!
Sheila said…
Please don't sell your cute vintage house and allow it to be torn down. Can't you just stay there forever? I mean, who would not want to live there? What could be better? Anyway I'm just sick about what has gone on in the neighborhood over the last 10-15 years with all the tearing down of the great old beach places, many of which had nothing wrong with them, and their replacement with phoney Tuscan megahouses. It's just a shame. They remodeled all the personality (lots of it, anyway) out of the area.
Don't give in to it please. Forgive me. I'm remembering it the way it used to be and it was just wonderful and real
kate pm said…
The place looks really great!!!
I'm glad I found your blog, and I love your new floors! I've been wanting to paint floors, and now I think I'll really do it! :)
julia wheeler said…
the white looks super awesome! totally brightens everything up! i feel ya on painting like a disorganized mess... i drive the hubs crazy but starting projects without really planning the whole thing out... oops! ;)
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks you guys, and I'm so glad to hear others 'shoo' the husband out of the picture, get all 'yelly' and neurotic. makes me feel, um, normal?

Sheila, friend of my heart, I'm with you. The reason I haven't moved, is because, I can't find anything with the same amount of soul. Yes, there are bigger houses around here, but they're poorly designed and seem to be all about BIG. They don't take into consideration the lot size, or the environment. When I bought the house, I was shocked when the realtor told me I was, of course, buying the dirt- not the house. This old gal has been here since 1945, and as long as we pour our love into it, she's willing to provide lovely memories of close knit, beach living. I think we'll be here a while longer. : )
Carolyn said…
LOVE that. So pretty. I like the curtains too, but it is YOUR house. Imperial Trellis looks even better.
Your bravery has paid off. Your floors look amazing and have really lightened up your whole home. Wow. Really, Wow!

Design Blahg said…

But here's what I don't understand about resale value: I love white floors...and everyone who comes over to our apartment and sees our white floors loves them. In fact, if our apt had looked as fab as it does now when we bought it, I would have paid a LOT more money for it.

Some people like white floors and some don't. And when/if I ever want to sell our apt, I bet I'm going to find someone who dies over white floors just like I do.

Anyway, I think your look fab, fab, fab! Also, I have to look into into that Break Through paint immeds! Because our floors need some touchin up!
beachbungalow8 said…
thank you, thank you! I hear you guys and respect your opinions. Especially when they're so supportive.

Design blahg, funny you mention that. A friend of mine (male) who lives down the street, and is a man of little words, walked in while I was in the middle of the first night, and said, 'what about resale?' to which I said, something along the lines of this being an upgrade in many folks' minds. It opens up the space. it's actually a bonus to many. so I agree, with you. The painted floors are actually an added value. If someone were to walk in and want these pine floors varnished, rather than painted, I'm sure they' ll move along and find what they're looking for, leaving it available for someone who loves the beach bungalow aesthetic.

thanks again for all of your comments. this has been a fun little project.
Briana Arlene said…
Love your floor makeover! Did you paint the chandelier, too? The coral color in the "after" photos is gorgeous.
la la Lovely said…
So pretty. We painted our bedroom floors white last year. I'm thinking by next year they are going to need a fresh coat (knots in the pine are starting to show & the scuff marks are getting kind of bad....but I still LOVE them). I'm def going to look into that Breakthrough.

Let me know if you have any tips on cleaning them. I've just been using soap and water since they aren't sealed. I would love to try one of those steam cleaners but I don't think you are suppose to us them either?

Anyhow... ADORE your house.... so gorgeous!
julie couch said…
megan- this looks great! I've always dreamed of doing this but never had the nerve- I love the look and espeically your breakfast area!! fantastic.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely new look....it is so cozy and beachy and comfortable and peaceful. Perfection. And I really like the curtains but my opinion really doesn't matter.

You sure have talent!
Anonymous said…
What a lovely new look....it is so cozy and beachy and comfortable and peaceful. Perfection. And I really like the curtains but my opinion really doesn't matter.

You sure have talent!
Megan , it look great! I understand about being scared, I thought for over a year about painting my boring oak kit. cabinets... why? They look so much better! I thought I would have prefered the dark floors, but I was so WRONG! and blue walls... not for me, I would say and again...WRONG! it's wonderful! 5 stars!
3 Peanuts said…
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the floors and am so jealous. I desperately want to paint floors white sometime before I die. My husband convulses every time I mention it.

I too almost bought that fabric (but he convulsed at it too). It is pretty but I love the one I chose instead and it would look lovely with your new colors....I link to it on my blog here


I have not posted the curtains hanging yet but they look great and much different than that photo on the post.
Brittany Stiles said…
Holy Cow I love it! I don't know how I missed this post earlier, but I seriously can't get enough of those floors. And I love that you did it all by your self.
Cathy Chapman said…
B E A utiful!! I too have painted bedroom floors in our first house, solo, as is the female way!
I don't know, but I am thinking oversized checks on the diagonal in a few years?!
Good job!
Marci said…
I am dying to know more about the curtains.
I was just about to put them in my living room! Why do you hate them?
I think they look great in your space.
Any words of wisdom before I move forward? Wanna sell yours?
beachbungalow8 said…
Marci, they're actually kind of growing on me. I'm not sure, but they felt really busy and I just feel like I could have done something a bit less 'everywhere'. While I do love a good ikat, there are so many other options out there.

I am still looking for a replacement fabric. Sort of thinking, Kathryn Ireland fabrics!
Marci said…
Well that makes me feel a bit better, because that is what I like about them. :)
The colors blend with the rest of my house, but are a bit more bold. I love ikat because it incorporates a variety of colors (like a floral), but is an abstract. Unlike many other abstract prints, the blurred edges keep it from feeling harsh or too modern. I can add a geometric in smaller doses with pillows etc.
Yes, I do agree that ikat is everywhere--but for this over analyzer it works in my contemporary coastal space. I think it works in yours too.
alcahest said…
How amazing!
Simply changing the floor color could make such difference to a room !
Anonymous said…
Hey "snark queen". You gave up your anchor when you painted the floors white. Now it looks like the entire scheme is floating. Some things are not meant to be. Now you can plan on recovering your furniture as pillows will not be enough to reclaim some weight in the room.
beachbungalow8 said…
hey anon, am I that scary that you can't leave a critical comment without fear of exposing yourself?

I welcome critiques. I like discussion and don't think that we all have to agree on aesthetic.

I see what you mean, via the photos. however, it doesn't feel quite as 'floaty' in person. That said, (and why I'm even dignifying your rude comment is probably bcs Im half awake) I have been trying to find a better area rug for the space. Just haven't found what I want yet. And Madeline Weinrib isn't in my budget.
Brandy said…
Megan, those floors look incredible!!!! I love that you do everything the hard way - a girl after my own heart! Have you ever read the children's book "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie"?
If not, find it now and you will probably identify with the premise, I know I do. Anywho, I just found you today via Little Green Notebook and I love your style!
So fresh and light! It all looks wonderful!! Thanks for the inspiration! -Steph

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