winner, winner, and a little down tempo mixed music monday

photo:: robert reader
First up are the *WINNERS* of the beachy, Seaton giveaway! This time, as they were brushing their teeth, I had my girls each pick a number. I figured, that's as random as any other method. They had no clue what the point of it was and wanted to see the 'drawing' when I was done with it.....clueless. So HERE'S who they, inadvertently, chose!!>>
Anne of Annechovie
Cristin of Simplified Bee
both happen to be fabulous bloggers that I admire. congrats my blog friends. And please stay tuned, I've got more fun giveaways lined up.
next up....Mixed Music Monday (the last two are pretty down tempo and may, in fact, make you want to lay your cheek on the cool desk and doze ):
  1. Dr.Dog | Shadow People
  2. The Blow | True Affections
  3. Haruka Nakamura + Akira Kosemura | Nord
  4. Land of Leland | Macedonia
    ok, now wake up and be productive or something.


Karena said…
Congrats to two of my very favorite blog friends!!

Have a great week Megan. I love dipping my feet in the pool. So refreshing!

Art by Karena
Thanks again! So excited to be a winner. :-)


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