yakuza lou chandelier::: eddie sykes

The mechanically, articulated chandelier by artist, Eddie Sykes is a cross between the 'cootie catchers' of gradeschool and modern-victorian, moving orgami, sculpture.
Ya, it's that complicated in its art form but simple in its concept: a controlled and beautiful source of lighting. Each limited edition piece, takes up to 4 months to craft. there's a great video here if you'd like to see more on that.

"When the chandelier is closed, the lights are off and hidden. When the chandelier is turned on, the source lights 'unfold' and begin to increase illumination in sync with the expansion of the piece. A special dimmer control increases lighting wattage so the level of light is related to the size and position of the chandelier itself." Translation:: you can program this incredible work of art to start shape shifting and light adjusting in a matter of seconds or with the setting of the sun. pretty cool. wonder if he knows Tord Boontje


Style Court said…
Megan, you should write wall text for galleries! Spot on description.
beachbungalow8 said…
courtney, you're so sweet. THat's a huge compliment coming from you!
Gramercy Home said…
What pieces of art - I can't even believe it. (and yes, great description!)

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