adornment art :: studio deseo

I recently ran across the adornment art of Studio Deseo.
Something about them reminds me of a South American Fiesta that you get to wear 'round your neck, or...I'd, maybe, hang one from a lamp, or on the key to my big, pine armoire, or even several in a bowl on a low table.
They're simply, beautiful pops of color and happiness.
Each lovingly hand made by Berkley artist, Aleishall Girard Maxon
A, Studio Deseo, collaborative project with Bay Area stylist, Danielle Gold {photos::ericka mcconnell }
You can find these lovelies, in LA @ Reform School or on-line @ nonchalant mom


Paula Masterman said…
How fun these are! I have those beads, too ~ love how the different textures come together so cohesively to make a celebration around your neck. I'd do the same thing... I'd hang them around the house so I could smile whenever I saw them.

... and I have those beads, too... hmmm...
Karena said…
Very cute Megan!! Isabella would love these!

Art by Karena

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