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I've sort of quit doing the ' you've been tagged '  and other blogging, 'getting to know you' games that used to go around. Mostly because, really, I don't think my life is terribly exciting enough to devote  to a post. That and I've become sort of a jaded, stick in the mud.

But my friend Beth over at hello, splendor has come up with a concept that, helps spread the word about other blogs, while answering a few questions about me. I like that. The community of blogging has given to me so much and I'm happy to spread the word about some great bloggers.  It's called 'Blog Crawl'. Each day, a blogger links to the blogger before them, and the one after them in the post.

Friday's Blog Crawl blogger was, Kristen over at Simply Grove a super hip chic, living in Boise, Idaho.


The theme that was given to us: "My Life Is An Open Book"

(which, by the way, I try to keep 'not so open', on this here b to the log )


That would be me, Megan Arquette. I live with my family, in the beach town of Los Angeles, called Manhattan Beach; in a little beach bungalow built in 1947. It's been my design lab and I'm constantly redoing it. It's a never ending process. 

I started this blog 3 1/2 years ago as a place to catalog cool, creative, design centric things that I find. I've been working as an interior decorator/ stylist for the past 10 years, with a hiatus here and there to take care of the real business in life: children. So my content, does have an interior design bent, but I believe design is in everything, Music, Fashion, Photography, Fine Art.... So you'll find a bit of it all on here. Some you may love, some you may think is completely, a 'not'. But that's the beauty of creativity. It's all individual, self expression.

Along the way, I've made some wonderful friendships. One of which, led to my doing a weekly podcast called The Skirted Round Table, with fellow design bloggers, Linda Merrill and Joni Webb.
Through this medium, I've been given the opportunity to speak with people, that never in my wildest dreams,  would I think I'd be chatting it up. Blogging has opened doors, and created a great network of people in my life. Like Beth! (thank you for asking me to do this)

The Setting:

As I've mentioned (above) I live in Manhattan Beach. What was once a middle class bedroom community of modest homes and incomes, has become a Bastian, of new wealth. Along with that new wealth, has come the mass intrusion of over sized homes,  painted velveeta yellow with giant columns (that's 'Mediterranean',  right? ). Big bloated houses sitting on tiny lots. Which most love. I do not. Personal preference.

The only shot I could find of the bungalow, with the Christmas tree waiting to go inside.....and the mail needing to be taken in.

On the other hand, the house that I live in, is one of the few remaining originals, built as a vacation bungalow for a family living inland, to visit in the hot  summer months.  It's only about 1,800 feet. It's tiny. But, we live a very casual life, close to the water, no need for big or fancy. And I love it for it's charm (don't love it for its lack of closet space and tiny kitchen)

The Characters:

In order of appearance:

Delilah- as the oldest daughter
Charlotte- the youngest daughter
Nick-the newish husband
George -the step dog
Fred - the step dog rescued from a South Central pound (who on occasion, gets threatened to be thrown back into the hoosgow )

Fred, on the left, focused on something he might need to kill. like a cat. George, on the right, is a mellow old soul. A bit like Eeyore.

The Plot:

The five of us, living in a small space - which has its own drama & "crazy antics". Trying really hard, not to make life  more difficult than it need be, thus our choice of 'living at the beach'. Doing what we love and knowing that this is our time to climb the proverbial, "Mount Everest".

The Twist:

The unforeseen bumps in that climb. Like the approaching of adolescence, an insane Labrador retriever who eats everything from sticks of butter to bars of soap, and my inability to not over load my plate ( metaphorically- although I do like large quantities of Mexican food)

enough about me....tomorrow the talented, Melissa of Oh, My Darling will be taking the torch....


Beth Dotolo said…
well, you pulled that out!! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing... it's so great to learn about you and you GORGEOUS family! I adore you and your blog...
Thanks again!
I enjoyed it and what a great family photo! After cleaning out 2 awful parts to my "medium" size home...a beach bungalow sounds divine!
Zakary said…
I love your family, your girls are GORGEOUS.

And I want your house.
Mrs. Blandings said…
That narrative captured it all perfectly.
Bridget said…
so beautiful, all of you!

funny you should mention that your dogs eat soap... gracie, as of last week, had yet to eat soap but then a few days ago i found her in the bathtub licking the dove bar!!! weirdo!
Unknown said…
I really liked your post! It was great to learn a bit about you. I'm with Beth, I love your blog and that your personality comes through.
katiedid said…
I think this is the first time I have seen the girls. They are beauts my dear!!! Of course...good genes and all that. Dogs and preteens....I remember it well. Now with one off to college....I would turn back the clock if I could.
Gwen Driscoll said…

I loved this. So great to learn more about you and your precious family! Love your house!
Megan, that was a sweet post. you shared so much in a brief but meaningful way. Thanks for your inspirational blog. oh, and I love my candle!!!
krista said…
your family is adorable. seriously.
beachbungalow8 said…
thank you!
god, Beth knows, that I nearly dropped the ball on this one. Procrastination be thy name.

I didn't check my email all weekend, I had a major project due on Tuesday, and I realized that I was 'up' on the blog crawl.

I'm so flattered that Beth asked me to be a part of this great idea.

beachbungalow8 said…
oh and bridget, I came home to my wallet on the floor, Sunday night, with half a ten dollar bill and a chewed up atm card scattered about.
AphroChic said…
Megan, I loved learning more about you. Your family is beautiful and you can see the happiness shine through.
Meg said…
Found you via Oh, my darling and I love your blog! Looks like you live in a fairytale, it's beautiful! xo
Maureen Stevens said…
gorgeous setting, gorgeous author & gorgeous's amazing to know about you more!
Amanda said…
Hello! I'm a new follower! I have to say I miss living in Manhattan Beach! I was born and raised there and moved to Riverside when my husband and I got married. I totally know what you mean about new wealth populating the city now. I think this started when I was a kid (I'm 26) and increased ever since. I love your blog and love your ideas! Glad I found your site- very cute! <3 Amanda
Loved that you opened up and shared your lovely life along with pictures of your beautiful family, all done in a way that was very enjoyable to read. Still laughing about the dog :) Honored to know more about you. xo

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