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I'm of the nosiest sort. seriously, pull your blinds at night if you live near me. Or if you have me over for dinner with a refrigerator tacked full of photos, ticket stubs, fall leaves, ephemera, magnets from past vacations, etc, you'll find me standing in front of it, asking 'who's that? where were you guys there? why this?'
I'm the best audience for this sort of gallery. I want to know everything. On the other hand, I personally , hate that my own fridge has been turned into a public bulletin board, covered with photos, school notes, flotsam and jetsam and (dear god) mis-matched magnets. (I know, bah hum bug - I like my public areas devoid of detritus) I am, oddly , private about showcasing that which, deeply inspires me. ya, right? figure that out. but there it is. notes from teachers and all.
however, my office is the place where I tack those bits and pieces that inspire me create.
I keep my inspiration board tucked up in my office, to the right, here, of my computer. Mostly it's for me, a place I can art direct. depending on whim. I stick thumbtacks into images of things that I want, things that make me imagine more, that work together, that work against.
I pin a ripped sentence from an email of a good friend that gives me hope or encouragement on top of my newest love- a hot pink sofa.... Lamp guru, Chris Spitzmiller wrote me an email a few years ago and I 'died', I stuck it on my board . the train of thought is never linear. But such an insight of what' s going in my creative life: It's so personal.
I'm always grateful when people are willing to post their own inspiration boards, because I know what comes with it is a certain vulnerability.
I've gathered this collection from all over, and so don't have proper cred to give. But really, does it matter? it's just great to see, another' s life through their own, creative board.


I think these boards are a great place to unleash your inner hoarder (in a sense)...particularly if you like everything else to be orderly. I love inspiration boards and I also keep binders of tearsheets from magazines. Horrid eh?
I seriously need a board. All of my inspiring things are in a stack - not so inspiring....
Susan Windsor Jones said…
You have to send a photo of your desk to Kate Donnelly at
I'll bet you already know her...she's an STA girl from around the block. Tom and I met her in St. Louis when she was still with DWR.
Kate wrote about Patricia's desk a few months ago.
Great post!
Lisa Mackay said…
Oh that grey one is sooo beautiful. I love the idea of having a space for hanging on to beautiful and inspiring things, and I agree that that space should not be the fridge! Ikea has these great white metal boards that can act as a fridge, that is what I have decided to try! Great post, lovely images.
Alberta James Daw said…
The Scrabble board would be so easy to do with other board games and some glued on magnets. Oui?
I seriously dislike anything on the fridge for privacy, but mostly clutter reasons. But, in the office, bring it on!!!
preppyplayer said…
I do too! I love studying someone's fridge and learning about their life. I have a few boards in my house. One is for all the kid's and my sports schedules, clippings and photos. One is for my work- advertisements, announcements, receipts, vendor stuff. My fav is my personal one that is photos, letters from loved ones, postcards from favorite places, more of a memory board than an inspiration board.
This post inspired me to start another one! :)
Halie said…
Love this post! As a teenager I spent hours changing the photos displayed on my bulletin boards. My mind is already spinning with ideas of items I would put on one for adulthood.
Treadgold said…
I posted on cluster picture walls recently and I think these boards are along the same aesthetic. The ability to groups all of your favourite, inspiring things haphazardly but beautifully around you. Suits me to a tee - fabric, postcards and even stylish clothing tags find their way to my board...
Bridget said…
so cool. i love the yellow framed one.

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