Monday, September 20, 2010

brittany stiles, styles

I had a therapist once whose name was B. Fine. That's right. Doctor B Fine. If the name somehow steers the career, Brittany Stiles is a great example of this curious coincidence.
Brittany and I met a few years ago, when working on a little design project. Fresh faced (seriously, the best skin, ever. I used to have to stop her mid convo and tell her so ) and right out FIDM, her work was polished and sophisticated. Far from a 'fresh out of design' school aesthetic. I ran into her Tuesday at the Kravet's showroom and she told me that she was keeping very busy (no surprise) and so I asked her to send me over a few pics of what she's been up to......
Brittany has a great blog which you can find here and then check out her design site here and then go out and hire her.


Sobrina Tung said...

omg, so gorgeous!! I am helping my cousin decorate her guest bedroom -- these provide such great inspiration :)

n. fischer said...

amazing room

Linda Merrill said...

I have that same wooden chest that's under the console! I love it, it stores my Christmas decor!

Anonymous said...

Brittany's work is great. I posted a sorta funny story about her here:

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