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Have you stumbled across Julia Leach's new endeavor, Chance?
Leach, former creative director of Kate Spade, is the force behind this beautiful site. To say 'force' almost sounds too aggressive to describe the subtle, balance of design perfection in this lifestyle project.
If the Kate Spade had a bohemian, artist sister who was wordly but never forgot her waspy roots, Chance would be she. Inspired by the striped shirt- a staple in everyone's wardrobe, for it's perfect design.
She compares it to the simple paper clip. An item used everyday but is design perfect, both in form and function. From the elegant Citroen DS car to the humble Ticonderoga pencil. The site sells product - striped french fisherman shirts, espadrilles, jewelry......
but as you click through, it's more about living the life of classic design. Leach seems to be branding a lifestyle of living with and in, thoughtful design
including all aspects - graphics, textiles, industrial design and architecture as key inspiration points. She does so through video, imagery and music.
And , I for one, have totally fallen into it. I've had her site up, for 2 weeks, hopping on to discover a new song, video or just peruse the photography. Chance, I take, is going to be big.


LOVE that you found this! I blogged about it, too! http://hikerinheels.blogspot.com/2010/08/simplicity-adventure-design.html

Simply fabulous.
"If the Kate Spade had a bohemian, artist sister who was wordly but never forgot her waspy roots"

That's EXACTLY the style I've been trying to work on for years :) Love your description!
Lauren said…
hopping over- looks amazing

Karena said…
Megan, Chance sounds like me! It is so great when someone "gets" it!!

Art by Karena
BestofDesign said…
Ok, I just ordered a bunch of stuff! What a great site! The simpleness (is that a word?!) of her website is refreshing. I also especially loved the detail in explaining the sizing of each piece! My wallet is not thanking you for this post, but I am! :) Loved the posting of youtube video of Paul McCartney singing "Blackbird" too! Great find!
Oh my goodness....still catching my breath. Sooooo very lovely!
Aimless Olive said…
this site is soo RAD!!! thank you for introducing 'chance'! already placed an order! ;)
Julia is a true talent. I adore her and the company she's created. I have purchased the shirt and love it as well as the set of shell cards and am considering framing them in tiny simple gold frames.

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