Wednesday, September 8, 2010

couch surfing in technicolor

A white, crisply, slip covered sofa, is an easy + affordable way to add a timeless, chic piece to a living room. Joni swears by it (well, that and sea grass - which I happen to agree with her on both points ) Around this base, flanking chairs of every pattern and color can come and go. Color schemes can morph according to whim. And let's not forget the easy 'fix' of pillows.
But lately, I've been pulling images of sofas in every color. Why not go with a solid color, and work from there? It's not as limiting as one might think......
apartment therapy:: photo
photo::desire to inspire blog
what color would be your choice. If you can't tell, I lean toward the royal blue and hot pink.
photo::karen barlow for design sponge
thoughts, anyone?


Peggy and Fritz said...

I have a white sofa but do LOVE colored ones. When I go other peoples houses I fall in love with the different colors and think why don't I do something fun. I love the pink one on your post with the gold mirror and somehow that last one with the boys with bikes reminds me of my neighborhood. LOL! But I always go back to white because I am not tied to a color and when I want to change the color of my room - I just pop it with different pillows. Especially coming into fall a chocolate brown mohair sofa would be nice, or a navy blue velour, or something in leather, and the list goes on and on...! This is why I love slip covers (the fitted ones) because you can change your sofa as much as you want. I'm not talkig the cheesy ones LOL! But there is nothing better than a tight upholstered sofa with a pop of color.

Shandell's said...

I recently purchased a vintage sofa that had been recovered in coral linen. Never thought I would be so bold, but I love it.

JustJoan said...

The colors make the sofas dated to me....maybe I'm just too old and remember when this was the style. My dream is a George Smith sofa in a soft pink though. I have my Ikea Ektorp sofa with a white slipcover right now. Probably switching back to the denim blue soon, I mean it is after Labor Day. But I do really like the white and it's staying a lot cleaner than I thought it would even with the kids, the dog, and the husband.

mary said...

I love the colors: unexpected, bold and yet timeless.

beachbungalow8 said...

P+F that last photo is totally your neighbors @la dude ranch!

Coral Linen? LOVE IT. I'd love a rich persimmon one as well.

really? see I think a hot pink sofa is youthful and fresh. For that matter, a slate gray sofa, is handsome and sophisticated. But here I sit with my white, structured slip covered sofa.

Carrie said...

I have a dark green chenille couch. I loved it when I bought it. It has wore like iron and stains/spills don't show. But I must admit, I find it a bit limiting when it comes to decorating around it.

Michelle Salz-Smith said...

I have design a.d.d. so I could probably never have a colored sofa because I would probably tire of it so quickly. I have a medium gray sofa right now that I absolutely love. I have yellow, creams, and leather pillows for accents that will probably be changed out in a couple of months for something more Fall like.

Halie said...

I'm in love with all the sofa's from this entry! You've inspired me to recover mine!!!

Clare said...

I love to look at colorful sofas in other peoples homes, but for myself, I prefer white. And the older I get, the truer this becomes. I think as you get older you learn to filter out trends and extraneous stuff and go with what really works for you, at least with big items. For me, white is restful, adaptable, clean and bright--just what I like.

I must admit though, I have two Ikea Ektorp sofas with white slip covers, and I just saw their new charcoal grey linen, very tempting for winter.

mydesignchic said...

I love that first image-the white sofa, the blue rug, and my favorite-the red zebra covered bamboo chair...perfect

Anonymous said...

I vote color. The white slipcovers look like a Pottery Barn ad. Pretty, but so done, done, done. Especially when paired w/ sisal. I like to see sisal layered, and fabrics of color layered. The slipcovers are a pretty, quick fix, and I get it. But I love the velvets in color.

Cote de Texas said...

i would do cranberry velvet. yep.


3 Peanuts said...

I want a rich mocha-ey, grayish brown mohair couch for our media/play room. Although I do love white ones too:)

Lisa @ The Lisa Porter Collection said...

I've had my PB Basic couch for so long that a new PB Basic slipcover these days costs more than what I originally paid for the whole couch! The good news: the frame and cushions are as good as new. The better news (thank you Joni): Ikea Ektorp slipcovers are equal to PB in quality, fit alllmost perfectly, and cost between $25-$50!
I have 3 pairs and change them out seasonally. Just wish they had more fun fabrics. Would adore pink and or turquoise velvet!

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